Tuesday 20 January 2015

Shell-Shocked Remnants of Abuse

Over on The Rational Male, Rollo has a post about women turning on their men. Read the comments also. Include the imagery of women turning on men like an insane dog upon its master.

She Turned On Me

There is a female commentor on there, girlwithadragonflytattoo. I bring this commentor up even though she is (in my opinion) nothing more than a lowly female troll. Her comments include "horrible", "ugh XXX there are no words :( I'm so sorry", etc.

Crocodile tears.

So far as I'm concerned, any woman who comes rambling into this section of the internet is immediately suspect. She's voluntarily hanging around with beaten dogs and the red-haired stepchild who has been taken behind the woodshed daily for a solid thrashing - probably combined with sexual abuse. Which many of us men have had: being fucked around mentally and emotionally and physically (intermittent sexual withholding/reward is abuse, like a rat getting randomly shocked in a lab experiment - eventually it just cowers in one place).

To be blunt, the so-called manosphere is filled with the shell-shocked remnants of the average man who has been destroyed by women. We have a lesser equivalent of PTSD with regards to women. And some of us still haven't recovered or even realized what's going on - and won't.

You can see it in various comments. Still attempting to relate to women as though their thoughts and comments are meaningful and worthwhile. Lapping up the female attention of "there there dear I'm so sorry".

And of course, my comments here might not be the best either. Objectively speaking (from an alien viewpoint) I can be likened to the beaten dog suddenly biting the face off its abusive owner. Then going on to bite the face off every prospective owner in succession.

The red-haired stepchild turning feral.

At any rate, I put up a comment - I wonder if it'll make anyone over there think slightly differently about the women commentors who come around. It doesn't seem to, hasn't in the past.
Cannot decide if GWADFT is a “Perfect Housewife” or a “Red Pill Woman” attempting to sleaze her way into our good graces for some ulterior motive. 
Either way, it’s suspect that she hangs out at all with the beaten dogs-and-red-headed-stepchildren of the Manosphere.
Crap Colored Glasses™. Color all your reactions to anything and everything.

Or show you the truth, like the glasses in the movie They Live.

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  1. She is a mentally ill nymphomaniac. Like seriously. Most evangelical American women marry young just to have sex. She is one of them. She break downs at the thought of people even questioning her. She is so mentally fragile because of her mental illness. She can't even reason intelligently. Imagine what it would be like to be married to that nymphomaniac witch!