Sunday 14 December 2014

The New "Soul-Mate"

Partners In Crime.

Because hey, a soul-mate sounds all so fru-fru happy-dappy fairies and unicorns shitting rainbows silliness from the flower-power sixties. Far too feminine and soft for modern women.

But a PARTNER, well, that's what Feminism/Equalism is alllll about. Women are stronger, tougher, better than men. Dress in that power-outfit and CRUSH the world, girl! We don't need no stinking men!!


Never mind that I've never seen any "strong, independent women" anywhere.

"You go girrrl!" One slightly disparaging comment later: "WAAAAAAHHHHH!!! You are poopy-mean!" And she goes to sob in the fuckin' corner.

Then team-vagina (including male vagina) goes all-in to scold you into submission.


All the strength and independence of a chunk of toilet-paper that's been pissed on.

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