Friday 19 December 2014

Notice Women Noticing You

So I spend most of lunchtime walking around, basically doing blocks for exercise (and to help sort out a bad knee - "use it or lose it"). The good thing is that it gives you a chance to do some people-watching. Most especially it is interesting, watching people watch you.

So lunchtime, I noticed two women noticing me.

One gave me a sidelong look and licked her lips. Very noticeable and totally not subtle. She looked like she was ready to jump my bones instantly - lunchtime sex seemed to be on her mind.

Another had the wide-eyed deerstruck look on looking at me, mouth dropped open. (Just right for playa to insert cock? Hah!) That was was staring, outright drooling on me. At least, until I winked at her and passed by. I didn't bother looking back to see her reaction.

These are just the most noticeable of those that I notice. There are probably others who are more surreptitious in their ogling. We men are terrible at noticing when a woman is interested in us - though I can point it out quite accurately to a friend when a woman is interested in him.

Funny, life.

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