Tuesday 16 December 2014

Single Mothers Are Failures

For this I define a "single mother" as both a single mommy or divorced.

I except only one situation: a woman who was genuinely widowed through no fault of her own. (If she stressed him to the point where he killed himself - either deliberately or via accident, such as careless driving - she is not a widower, she is a murderer.)

So. Single mothers are failures. Failures in that:

  • They failed to provide a nurturing environment for their family (divorce)
  • They failed to provide a home for their husband (divorce)
  • They failed to consider anyone other than themselves (divorce)
  • They failed to consider the consequences of their actions (single mommies)
  • They failed to control themselves (single mommies)
  • They failed spectacularly in life as a whole (crazy cat ladies)
All of these things - and more - are supreme indications of the laziness, patheticness, selfishness, and general failure at life itself of the woman involved.

Fuck'm and chuck'm. That's all they're worth, all they ever were worth, all they ever will be worth.


  1. The sad thing is, this used to be common knowledge... a hundred years ago.

    1. Plus, 100 years ago any woman over 18 was considered a spinster and unmarriageable.