Thursday 4 December 2014

The Old Female Demands Joke

Here is the old joke:
You fatty in the making.


  1. I know quite a few good lucking guys, they all suffer from PTSD from have to sneak around 5's & 6's all day long ....

    Trust me, not being able to attract women is a luxury

    Plus the women you do attract tend to be better women, as they have to have a lot more chemistry & compatibility in order to be attracted to you

    Not being able to attract women is more of a screening process

    This screening process is what good lucking guys, don't experience

    As a result not so good looking men get to reproduce more, as they get access to higher quality women

    This is why there's more average looking guys, then good looking guys, handsome guys get all the sluts, average guys get women able to form relationships

    1. Maybe that's why I was actually married for 8-9 years then. While I had a few sluts in my younger years, I am definitely not a good-looking guy. "Pleasantly ugly" is about the best way to put it.

    2. So Rmax, less choice leads to better choices? Makes sense.

    3. At the buffet, you gorge.

      A gluttony of fatness, a gluttony of cock-taking. Makes sense.

    4. Speak for yourself. It would be a waste to let myself go full walrus. : )

    5. Mmmm, the ability to fall sleep instantly. I envy them. Alcohol tends to dull the mental chatter - which is why many introverts are drinkers, some even full-blown alcoholics. Anything to shut down the noise.

  2. And yet, RoK of late gives aspiring gold-diggers point-by-point instructions how to trap a hapless Beta using online dating. Tragicomic. Anything for more ad revenue.