Friday 19 December 2014

Men Are Walking Dildos

This is the attitude of most women these days: men are walking dildos. Good only for sex and sucking the money out of, put them up on a shelf when done. She's either sucking your dick or sucking your wallet (or time) away from you.

Actually this is not a modern or new phenomenon of female thought. I ran across it first about 20 years ago. At the time I got exceptionally pissed off and walked away from that crazy cunt.

Later she came back to me. Being a weakling at the time, I let it happen for a couple of weeks - then walked away again. The stink of being used as a sex-toy was still there. She wasn't gonna change.

Later still, she attempted to come back to me one more time. Nah. I wasn't interested, wasn't buying it. I didn't even bother to get close enough to smell if that stink still accompanied her.

I suppose that that was the time I first really, consciously, deliberately acted like a so-called "alpha" male. Or at least, like a man with options.

Have occasionally run across her in town (kinda hard not to - it's not a city). The goo-goo still seems to be strong within her.

Shit on it, still not buying it.

So yeah. The prevailing attitude is: "you are a cock or a wallet". When it comes across even sub-rosa during an interaction with a woman, it shines through (or smells through, whichever analogy you prefer).

Both my cock and wallet are firmly in my pants and under my control. Are yours?


  1. Don't forget a bullet-catcher.

    1. Make sure that it's your bullet-catcher and that you dispose of it properly (flushing).

    2. "you are a cock or a wallet"


    3. Hahahah! I wasn't even thinking of that kind of "bullet catcher" - hmmm! Yes indeed, plus we are slaves to do all the dirty-work...