Friday 12 December 2014

The Only Male Test Of A Woman

"Can this woman think of her long-term future instead of her current desires?"

If you're fucking her - she failed. If you're fucking her real fast upon meeting - she really failed.

The "women" of these days fail this basic test from a man at high velocity (terminal velocity? heheheh).

The slutty women have always been with us. They've always survived. They've always procreated. And in my opinion, they've always dropped into the depths of the lower stratum of society: the poor. The really worthless types probably end up as low-end prostitutes. ("Gol-darnit, Mr Lamarr, you use that tongue prettier than a twenty-dollar whore." Blazing Saddles.)

Part of what's causing the breakdown of our society is this: slutty women are attempting to convince everyone that they are "normal" and that it's "natural". Which for them, it definitely is both normal and natural. Because they're the low-end trash of society with zero chance of becoming the high-end class of society.

So the women who would normally be more prudent think: "Oh. I must be abnormal." Their defenses get scrapped (because of herd-pressure, aka peer-pressure) and they open up to acting like sluts. Very quickly becoming actual sluts - because the whole process of acting like a slut really screws you up. You might liken it to the habituating factor of a drug.

So the men who would normally be more prudent think: "Oh. I must be abnormal." Plus they get damned horny from lack of sex. Then they put a ring on that slut.


  1. Twenty dollars was a hell of a lot of money back in the 19th century.

    1. Yep. Though take the context of comedy movie itself, deliberately modern.

      In the 19th century West, it was sometimes known as "$1 short-time". Another modern saying: "Two dollar love you long time."