Sunday 21 December 2014

Never Allow Women Into Your Man-Space

Specifically and especially, involving hunting and games. (I can see women going: "Oooooo BPS plays games! What a looooooser!" Yes cunt, fucking deal with it. Geocaching is a good excuse to get the fuck out of the house. What do you do to stop that fat ass from getting fatter? Eat another "Uh-oh Oreo"?)

So someone I know went and shot a couple of rabbits. The guy's had guns for years, probably close to twenty or twenty-five. He mentioned the rabbit-shooting casually in mixed company.

One of the women took umbrage to that (I think she'd have taken a fuck sight more if she'd been given the chance) and started rocking off at him. Passive-aggressive "poor little bunny rabbits" blah blah whinge whine. The usual shaming fucktardisms and shit from a cunt who doesn't like what you've done.

Being a shitbag, I knew what she was pulling and said to him: "You should have taken a picture, pile of dead rabbits. Cooking pot beside it." 'Cause he hunts and camps out, eats what he shoots, etc.

Instant silence from the cunt brigade.

A little later she said: "You do know, if they're in a cage or have collars, they belong to someone and they're not supposed to be shot." He assured her that they were wild rabbits.

Yes cunt. Thank you for your passive-aggressive insinuation of his mental incapacity. It's amazing when women insinuate - even flat-out state - that men lack social acuity.

Another one was a guy bitching in a channel about someone else who does geocaching. (Look it up. Then get out there and move. Or play Ingress, the same thing without having to go hiking deep into the bush at times. Useful if you're one of those poor bastards who has massive allergies or gets eaten alive by insects.)

The guy he was bitching about does it the easy way: with a helicopter. To be fair the bitched-about guy is old, so hey - but the man needed to vent, so go ahead and let him vent. It's not hurting anyone.

Some silly cunt comes out of nowhere and rocks out with: "Right XXX for fuck sake it's only a game, get over yourself. If you don't like how they play don't play at all!"

This is some useless cunt who just hangs around, does nothing. Rocking off at someone who takes his exercise-fun very seriously on a daily basis. Especially now that it's summertime here in New Zealand.

He was pissed. Did he rock off back at her? No - sadly, he was too polite ("po-faced fat useless cunt" would have been a good description of this ho). He simply said: "indeed. have fun. later." And permanently left.

So we have this fat, po-faced, useless cunt hanging around in a men's space. Men who go around hiking through bush for a couple of days, camping out, hunting, climbing fucking cliff faces even. To do their fun. And a fat, po-face, useless hanger-on cunt thinks she can just rock off at him whenever she doesn't approve of his attitude/behavior/whatever.

Destroying the enjoyment and camaraderie of ALL the guys who enjoy that game/sport.

Your cunt is toast, bitch.

THIS is why you never, never, never allow women into your male-only space. Or games. Or enthusiasms. Or whatever.

Don't even let them know what you do for fun. They'll take a passive-aggressive little snipe at it. Or make some demeaning remark. Anything insinuating, to cut you down, make your fun a little less enjoyable than it is for you.

They can't stand it that you're able to have fun without them. And they're too fucking useless to try it for themselves, join you in your fun. It's vastly easier for the majority of them to destroy others than to join in or create.

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