Monday 29 December 2014

Brains to Mush

Recently I had the misfortune of being at a friend's house and being effectively forced to watch some of the so-called "comedy family" movies garbage that comes out of Holly-Shit-Wood.

In this case it was one of the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. (#2 I believe. I can't be arsed finding out for certain. I don't want to know how many crappy sequels there are.)

Picture this. Three adults watching a kids movie on daytime TV - brains switched off. Out of self-defense, actually.

(There are times when I'm just too damn polite for my own fuckin' good. Times when you can't really say "fuck this crap, I'm heading home". Though in retrospect, I should've - if we have that little to talk about when together then perhaps we should just be acquaintances.)

I could feel my fuckin' brain turning to mush.


  1. Why watching TV was the only option? Boring... No cards in the house? Nothing better to stream from the Internet? Putting it on the big screen is easy nowadays.

  2. Pre-fuckin'-cisely. It happened by "default".

  3. Dude, what do you mean by you were forced to watch that shit? You could have gotten up and left any time. You could have told your friend, "Hey man, I just realized I gotta go water my plants... or something."

  4. It happened by stealth. Sometimes that shit just creeps up on you. Before you know it, your brain is already sucked in to the weirdness