Saturday 20 December 2014

Female Disrespect Starts Early

Getting towards Christmas, I occasionally think back on previous women from around this time of year. One especially comes to mind. Only average looks, face a 6 or so (6.5-7 when made up) - she acted like my dick was her God.

Quick background: Indian (not Amerindian), very dark-skinned (basically black), Christian. Sucked dick like a pro on the first meet - yeah not *that* good a Christian - and horny as fuck. Very much enjoyed sex. Enjoyed the usual sexual shenanigans in the bedroom. Taking naked pictures of her was a huge turn-on for her.

She even once confessed that she'd always dreamed of having a white cock. Yes, in as many words - I should have taken that as the warning-sign it was. Younger and more naive back then.

So. She sends a picture a bit before Christmas: her and her niece, about 9-10 years old. The niece is giving the finger.

What the fuck?

This little girl is giving the camera the finger. Neither the girl (instantly demoted from "my woman" to "the girl") nor the photographer (her sister) thought that was odd. Both thought it was perfectly fine to send that photo on to her man-friend.

I'll admit to being actually glad of receiving it. Three glaring red flags in one picture, telling me about the entire family. Parents, siblings, children. Everything that you would ever need to know.

My response: "Interesting. Not amused by the kid giving the finger. Find yourself another man."

(Keep in mind that this was a couple years ago - nowadays I'd just block. I've seen enough of this shit to have no interest in it. Nor am I interested in telling them why. Fuck'm, I'm not here to save some retarded whore from herself. Plus there's always another one out there, if I can be bothered picking it up off the table.)

So yes, I blocked her. Not interested in having a ton of excuses and whining and shit shoveled into my ears and down my throat. When someone shows such obvious disrespect and bad manners, when someone shows so blatantly their family values, take it as the pure gift that it is.

Merry Christmas you fucking crazy cunt!

That said, I will enjoy a quiet Christmas this year with my parents and brother. It will be very relaxing. I will not have to cater to someone who deep-down doesn't respect me. If it's not pissing down rain, I will probably include a walk down the beach and up a local mountain.

So for my readers: ignore the frantic marketing hype, ignore the shrill stupidities of women, and enjoy your Christmas for the relaxing holiday that it is. You are free.

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