Sunday 21 December 2014

Men Are Becoming The More Cautious Sex

Ironically, it was Judgy Bitch who caused this post to come together. It was caused by observations regarding her publisher:

A Man Decides Feminists Can Ruin Him And Wisely Opts To Not Engage

Yes indeed. It is irony in the extreme. We men have noted many times that Feminism hurts women - and here is a prime example. A woman author who has had her publisher effectively say after a year of back-and-forth work on her novel: "Thanks, I don't wanna touch it with a bargepole. Good luck."

I get the impression, reading between the lines, that it was a shock to her. This is the fruits of feminism. Destruction of potential good - for both sexes - via proxy fear.
Another contributing factor was this situation. Never allow women into your man-space. They delight in fucking it up.
So here is where we look back through history.

In the old-old days, a woman was the one who had to be cautious. Get knocked up and *kapow* if she was lucky her family would "adopt" the child and keep her on. If she was unlucky - disownment and starvation for her and her child was not unusual. Women *had* to be cautious. Men could go rambling around as they chose.

Fast-forward to today.

"Baby, lets fuck! I'm preggers! So what, the government will help us pay for it! Wait, where'd you go? Well. I now have a baby. Hey government! Help me here, I'm a brave and battling and heroic single mommy!!! Oooooo there's another good-looking boy - rawdog me again!!! I'm preggers!!!"

'Round and 'round and 'round in ever-decreasing circles. Until they spiral up their own cunt and look out at the world while sucking their thumbs uselessly and blubbering to get some sympathy. Yeah she's the real victim here.

In addition: women's (Feminists) hatred is now firmly focused upon men. It almost appears that any reason - or none! - is enough for a woman to scold a man, and the rest of them will dogpile onto it out of sheer reflex. Result: the man is crushed under social bullshit, his reputation (and his life, in the form of his enjoyment and perhaps even his work) shredded to tatters.

"Butbutbut - why would women do this?"

Dunno. Why do women make false rape allegations? Why did fatties start screaming for the blood of the CEO of the company that makes yoga pants? Why didn't they just go and lose some weight? Why do women now do their damnedest to get preggers? Why is it bad-boys she gets wet for? Why do 50% (actually closer to 80%) of marriages end in divorce? Why do women want to invade every bit of male space? Why do women want to change men? Why ... why ... why ... ?

It's complicated. So fucked if I know. All I know is that it looks like there's two ways a man can go to protect himself in the end:

1/ Be a thug. You're gonna do time, but face it, your life is already screwed up. What the fuck, you'll still get to root some slut-whore who looks better than the damn fatties. And she can't suck your wallet dry when it's already empty and you're in jail.

2/ Be a prudent and cautious man - who avoids women and their shit. You get your own place. You get your own stuff. You do your own thing. You don't have some used-up slut-whore who has "changed" - or some fattie - sucking your wallet and life dry.

Or you can do the same crap that all those poor bastards who get reamed in the divorce-courts do: put a ring on that fat slut's finger. Good luck, you got a 50-80% chance of getting reamed and enslaved for life.

Is there a real wonder that men are becoming more cautious? Is there a real wonder that women are throwing caution to the winds?


  1. It all kind of reminds me of the last scene in Edgar Alan Poe's Mask of The Red Death.

  2. It's an interesting question, I think. How much being 'in love' changes the level of metabolism in orbitofrontal cortex? How much does it differ for men and women? How does it change with time and age?

  3. Ah, I have recalled something else. You mentioned insomnia. Have you ever tried a session in the flotation tank? It's supposed to silence the internal 'noise' better than any meditation technique.

  4. Re the Masque of The Red Death: Our souls have been dead for a long time.

    Re in love: If you consider it, you can probably become addicted to love. Youthful hormones can trick this also for the inexperienced. And of course, some women become addicted to the crazy cycles of BPD/NPD behavior. Age, experience, and a "wearing out" of that section of the brain (much like Methamphetamines screw up parts of the brain) potentially weaken things with age.

    No to the flotation tank - I live in BFE New Zealand. Being extremely tired physically does seem to shut down the noise a lot though.

  5. Well, what it does leave is not silence. The question remains, would you like your 'internal symphony'? : )

    No worry, I'm too far from one as well. When I wasn't, I had other priorities. Isn't life funny? Now, camping outdoors would be good and easy to do, if not for Lyme disease and other tick-borne shit (when it isn't winter here, of course).