Thursday 2 April 2015

Divorce is Failure

From the woman's side:

You got divorced = you failed

You got divorced twice = you failed big-time

You got divorced 3+ times = you are an utter failure

From the man's side:

You got divorced = hope you learned something

You got divorced twice = didn't you get the memo first time?

You got divorced 3+ times = some people just don't fuckin' learn do they

Now look at the two sides from their own perspectives.

From the woman's side: any successfully-married woman is going to look down on any divorced woman. Similarly, divorced women look down on women who have been divorced more times than they have been. Social stigma is high. The more divorces you been through, the lower the social status in teh wimminz pecking-order.

From the man's side: it's more supportive and humorous. At least, until the 3+ divorce fuckups. Then it probably becomes a mix of disgust and pity, as in "get a fuckin' grip man".

So there's a big difference in same-sex attitudes towards divorce. For men, shit happens - until you're too damn stupid after about 3 shots. For women, instant pity and shame.

Because despite what the femicunts rabbit on about: for a woman, divorce is true failure at the one thing that really matters for women.


  1. - so predictable.... If it's not the clichést cliché for 'hypergamy doesn't care' that there is, then what else?

    1. BTW, how is it possible? Over 500 000 views and over 1500 comments after just NINE days on Imgur? Funny story, nevertheless:

    2. Regarding the religious exemption: that poor stupid bastard. She was simply using him, coldly, from day one - friendzone/orbiter to the max that she soaked for as much as she could before discarding him. Religion be damned, from my experience: when a girl likes and wants you she'll give it up within 3 dates. Don't matter how strong her religious beliefs are, she will rationalize it away.

      Regarding the "Cheating Whore" in imgur: yes, it's gone semi-viral. I didn't bother posting about it because it was in the process already of spreading massively. At any rate, it's fairly self-explanatory.