Sunday 12 April 2015

The Freedom Trap

The idea of going expat is an interesting one on the surface. If you're a man who wants a wife and family you can repudiate your home (Western) country and find yourself a bride overseas. The benefits seem to be manyfold:

* she'll be slimmer than Western women
* she won't be as slutty as Western women
* she'll have a way better attitude than Western women
* she'll be more traditional than Western women

So let's scratch through the surface of this, dig into the darkness and muck that lies underneath:

* slimmer, yes - they know that looks matter to men
* not as slutty, maybe - how are you going to be absolutely certain of this though?
* better attitude, yes - a trap is better baited with honey
* more traditional, yes - while she's in her own country

They know that looks matter to men. Foreign women don't delude themselves - much. There is certainly some delusion there though. I remember seeing a documentary about Western men looking at Ukrainian brides. One of the potential brides was in her thirties and had a daughter, from memory she was divorced. She was delusional in that she thought a Western man would "save" her and her child. Even so, there were still pathetic men in the documentary who seemed interested in this trash (hopefully only for a fuck).

Perhaps not as slutty. Perhaps. In the above-mentioned documentary, one of the meeting places where these people got to know each other was a bar. Music, lights, noise. Very conducive to conversation (indeed!) and the girls were up dancing on the floor (sluts on parade!). You cannot know if a woman was or was not slutty - you have not been on the scene long enough to see the disconnect between what she says and does. Though dancing up there, sluts on parade, is a helluva weight on the sluttiness side of the spectrum.

A trap is better baited with honey. No fooling. The femicunts have convinced the Western herd that they can openly be complete shit and it's all right - that it's a good thing to be. Thus, sluttiness celebrated along with the other you-go-girrrl'ism that we have shoved in our faces constantly. You lure better with honey than with vinegar, sweetness and light rather than hatred and contempt.

Traditional while she's in her own country. Yes indeed. There have been many cases of men bringing brides to the West and - once they get their citizenship - bingo, frivorce, she then goes to do what she wants. With cash and prizes. Note that men aren't the only ones who've had this happen to them, it's also happened to women who've fallen for a toy-boy who is all lovey-dovey until he gets his green-card. There are Russian brides who get in and then import their Russian boyfriend.

So it's better to stay overseas? In her country? Not really. Feminism and it's entitled cuntism mindset is spreading to other countries, like the warped and twisted virus mindset that it is.

Thailand. The Philippines. So-called traditional countries. My mate's mother-in-law in Thailand was divorced. I ran across a divorced woman in the Philippines who was out looking for a Western man who would treat her decently, because the local men treated her like what she was: a piece of shit.

I remember one of the writers over on Return of Kings, stating that getting to know the locals was a better way to go. Go to the bars where the locals frequent, not the shitty tourist-trap bars. Get to know the men. Once things loosen up, you will see them pull awesome tail.

No shit Sherlock. You've stepped out of the tourist traps and stepped into the places where the local good-time-girls and good-time-boys have their fun. These girls aren't sweethearts, they're the local more-pleasant version of Western sluts.

High-quality women indeed.

Looking at that, going expat does not sound like a real solution to your desire for a wife and family. It's just another lure - one of freedom - freedom to trap you in another country, isolated, where you don't understand the society, where you don't understand the norms. Freedom that can ultimately still trap you in the situation of providing for a woman parasite.

Yes, you can somehow muddle your way through it. However, the bed of roses has it's thorns in it, doesn't it? Unless you are somehow exceptionally lucky and manage to get yourself together with a true NAWALT. Good luck meeting that, in a country where you're even more isolated than the Western country that you grew up in.

Shit - iron pyrites aka fools gold - is everywhere. Real gold is rarer.

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  1. @BPS

    You're missing a critical part of the picture ...

    Wherever you go, a marriage contract will always be a marriage contract

    Youre still handing over your wealth & property to a woman for no reason

    If you xpat, you should take advantage of the fact most women, will have children for you, without a marriage contract

    In fact most women will treat you better, if they have to work at keeping you, without a contract guaranteeing them a free house & free money

    The correct way to xpat, is to have as many kids as you want without a marriage contract

    This way you avoid any leverage or scams these women usually pull on hapless betas

    Enlsavement to a piece of paper, is enslavement anywhere you go

    1. I should have made it clearer in the post. My fault, I live under laws which you're probably not used to - they're like breathing air to me.

      You are basically correct. However, what happens is that the spread of Feminism and Westernization is changing the cultural mores/social norms everywhere it spreads to. Part of that changing involves the changing of the marriage contract - retroactively. Which is what we're dealing with in the West and is spreading elsewhere also.

      You are correct re not having a marriage contract. Getting married completely changes the dynamic between a couple.


      There is de-facto relationships (aka common-law marriage, effectively "marriage by stealth") in New Zealand, and I believe in several states in the USA. After three years or so you are deemed to be married, period. That basically counting from the first fuck. Depending on how well she manages to cry for the judge, and how many children are involved.

      Why were these laws enacted? "To be fairer to women and children." If you've got nothing then there's no real problem, if you've got something: you're fucked.

      Expect this poison to spread to the rest of the recently-Feminised world within the next 10 years. Thus, expat is not a real solution. Some guys state that surrogacy is the answer. I'm leery of betting on that too.

    2. If you (general 'you', directed at nobody in particular) have to settle and marry, say in Eastern Europe, then check how stable are the marriages in her extended family. If divorces are rare there, chances are that the pressure from her family will be a great help in keeping her from straying.

    3. Feminism is about tearing down oppression (tradition) - including breaking the "chains" of social peer pressure. Even (especially?) familial.

      I expect a surge in "brave, battling single mothers" in formerly-traditional countries. It will be the surest sign that Feminism's hand has taken a grip of the heartbeat of these countries. A good alternative indicator will be the rise in abortions - like in Russia.