Saturday 25 April 2015

Autumn and Winter are Coming

Keoni Galt has a message for the millennials. He has a point. I commented on it:
This. We Gen-X'ers are done for, toast, our day is over. Certainly I could still have children - have had offers from women who want to date me - which dates I now decline. I don't want to have a child going through the "Hi Dad!" thing with me when they're twenty and I look like a grandfather. Of course, those making the offers are last-gasp party-girls in their 30's, infected with the Marriage 2.0 disease. I'm supposed to filter through these for 5+ years, to find a worthwhile one to have children with. Not going to happen. Too old, too old. 
Consider me selfish if you wish. Yet: I am almost 50 and my life has basically been hollowed out by one woman who took most of everything. Sure, I can and am rebuilding - yet at my age things should be mellowing. My life has basically been reset to the struggles of early-30's mid-summer, instead of where it should be. Children should be long-done, now the building up of a store of wealth and future happiness. 
Start a family now? That would be another 20+ years of difficulty in my declining years, very likely ending with nothing once they're gone and out the door. They would be forced to support me. That would be cruelty in the extreme. As it is, I expect now to work until I die - unless I decide to retire to a country where my money is worth vastly greater than it is in my home country. I would be effectively isolating myself to live halfway decently into my old age. 
My spring is long past, my summertime nearly over. Autumn and winter are coming. Despite my self-improvement, despite my strength training, my years and body are waning. Recapture my youth? By having sex with younger women? Why? I can have sex with women young enough that they can be my own daughters. Even girls young enough to almost be granddaughters have made moves on me. Why should I do that? It would be an ersatz recapture, a synthetic euphoria, an artificial high - one that ultimately means nothing. All the while, the available women of Gen-X expect everything of their Man, just like the younger generations. 
@Anonymous - one of my commentors stated that the hardest part of his divorce was trying to bring up his children with a modicum of discipline. A Herculean task, the way Marriage 2.0 and divorce/frivorce is set up. 
@Brian - I must agree. My feeling is that the next generation being born is going to be mostly to single mommies. There's nothing to prevent it. They are going to be so screwed up, it will be painful to see. 
@Beefy Levinson - I wish you good luck. Eventually we will muddle through this. Hell, people survived the fall of Rome and suchlike. We'll survive this. Perhaps our example will help future generations and civilizations from falling into the same old trap that we and the Spartans and Romans did. 
Good luck, all.
Yes, good luck all.

I have now identified, to my own satisfaction, what has bothered me with Rollo Thomassi's Sexual Market Value chart.
It's too accurate.
Do you really want to be that older man with a younger, beautiful wife?


When all you get out of it is the social status of "older man with younger, beautiful wife"?

When she gets access to all your resources? Resources that you built up, through your travails and hardships, which she never shared. That she gets now to use and have the enjoyment of. That she never sweated to earn. While she can stray from you at will.

Again: The chart is too accurate.

Plus: It's not accurate enough.

Not for these days, in the dying west.

As older men, we still have that mentality to build and grow. Improve yourself! Accumulate! Plus an "I'm not gonna lay down and die" attitude, along with the ability (and skills) to keep going. We climb out of the hole that some woman has dragged us down into and get back into life and building. Incidentally keeping us in the workforce longer and denying the younger generations worthwhile entry.

Women only have looks, which peter out quickly. Men have accumulated capital, social and monetary and physical stuff. For the overwhelmingly common predatory woman, with unfortunately broke younger men around her, that accumulated capital is very enticing. Add some charisma/game to the mix and you have an older man with a younger, beautiful wife.

Need I say "parasite" ever again?

Need I say "brainwashing" towards older guys, that they can and should be getting with younger women? Parasites of the manosphere hauling the $$$ out of painfully hurt men? Attempting to shame certain segments of us with cobbled-together makeshift bullshit feminist tactics, so that they can get more $$$ out of us?

Society as a whole still telling us that we can expat, get with some appreciative foreign slut in another country, settle down, and have children? Still fulfilling the female imperative? Still supporting some woman through her life?

A simpler time should be ahead of me. One with quiet happiness. One filled with contentment and warmth and ease with the woman of my youth.

Instead, I still struggle as if 30 years old. I must continue to protect my self - my earnings - my accumulated sweat - from the grasping hands of others. There is no room for me to "ease out" for the next generation of 30 yo's to take my place, with a little guidance and help. I'm told that I should "man up" and marry those sluts. I'm told that I should fuck around with younger women.

The Baby Boomers may have pissed away their lives and the wealth of the prior generation. Gen-X (and Gen-Y) have had ours stolen away from us. We built it, despite having to start completely from scratch, only to have it stolen and pissed away by our generation of women. Now we must rebuild again, infinitely warier than before. Warier of the next two generations of women.

This is how Mayor Len Brown can have a young 30yo mistress at age 57 (he's 58-59 now).

Further, Mz Bevan Chuang was also revealed the year prior to be looking for willing sperm donors to get her pregnant. That would be while she was in the middle of being Len Brown's fucktoy for 2 years. Her explanation for searching for a willing sperm-donor:
"There is a lot of pressure for older, single women to get a partner," she said. 
"A lot of the men, the dodgy ones, that approach me, wanted me as the mistress type thing. Obviously they like me, but can't be with me because they have a wife or a girlfriend or something."
The two-faced hypocrisy of decrying dodgy men wanting her only as a mistress - during a period in which she was actually a mistress. She and her type of woman are overwhelmingly common and an accident waiting to happen.

This is women.

We must protect ourselves. Our lives have already been ruined once. Not again. For us, there is no Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid. There is no safety-net for us Men. There is only a handful of ashes and dust. In our inadvertent wake, we spread further ashes and dust to the next generations.

If it were me setting the rules, I would roll things back and set them like these:

1/ There is no way out of marriage. NONE.
2/ He can do whatever he wants with her. She has no say. Period. Fuck your social crap.
3/ If she decides to leave, then he automatically keeps everything. Including children (if his).
4/ She must come with a hefty dowry to entice the Man into marriage at all. It's a terrifying sacrifice.
5/ She will NEVER get the pussy-pass for fucking around. That's instant trash, end of story.

Harsh? Yes. Many, many women and children would die in terrible situations. It would bring home a very solid and painful lesson to all for generations to come. It would be a (partial) solution to the Mutilated Beggar problem that has caused what currently faces Western society (thank you Keoni for reminding me of that, from The Garbage Generation).

The Lesson Will Be: Choose Wisely Who You Marry.


  1. For someone like me, the lesson is: don't marry if you are past your peak.

    1. Wow, this was bookmark-worthy:
      BPS, have you checked how it looks like in Kiwi-land, in comparison?

    2. I read it, thought it was interesting. Seem to remember having covered similar before.

      Re your query about NZ prisons, there isn't much easily-accessible information. This is interesting though: NZ's Prison Population (down the bottom of the page). I would expect that the remaining 17% of the prison population would include those jailed for non-payment of child-support - if any.

      I say "if any" because I cannot find online references for people being jailed for failing to pay child support. Child support is paid to the IRD, who then pass it on. This makes it hard to figure out where the money's going and who might be going to jail for what.

  2. While agree with all your points, I must mention to you what one of my 17yr old high school students confided in me today. (1). He says that he cannot trust any of the women in his high school. (2). Even the so called well mannered church girls are untrustworthy and fucked up beyond belief. (3). A girl who volunteered to go to prom with him only spent 15mins with him and abandoned him. He and his guy friends have decided to avoid women at all costs and concentrate on improving themselves and building their careers. This kid is smart enough to be going to engineering school in the fall semester. He told me that he would like to start dating in his sophomore year of school, but I told him the college women are much worse than the girls in his high school. I am glad that some of the gen-Y kids are seeing the writing on the wall and acting accordingly. He says that he wants to take his diploma and run away from his high school as quickly and as far as possible. I am 46 and I wish I had some of the manosphere wisdom that some of millennial kids have today.

  3. @Mindstorm - that too.

    @mp3 - I know that the older generation of born-again-Christian-ex-sluts are nutjobs and definite YAWALTs. It's sad, though not surprising, to know that the younger/youngest generation of Christian girls are the same.

    I'm not at all surprised by the girl abandoning him at the prom. He was used, pure and simple. It doesn't take long for an observant man to realize when it's happening to him (several times to me, before I woke up). In fact, I remember a running series of advertisements from NZ - one of which had the daughter go out to a school dance with one guy and come back with another. Her mother asked her what happened to the original guy. She replied: "X has a car." I distinctly remember thinking when I first saw that: "You little whore."

    A year or so ago it was hinted (via proxy, through another male) that a certain girl would like to have a ride into town that night. My response to the proxy-hint: "Are we fucking?" It prompted an interesting text-conversation, one that I think opened up his eyes a bit. Soon after that I stopped bothering going into town at all. Your 17yo student has his head screwed on, and will soon realize that not one woman anywhere can be trusted.

    I'm 49 and wish that this hadn't sneaked up on me. I had the start, simply deliberately blinded my eyes to it when I decided that it was time to be a responsible adult. Worst decision that I ever made.

    1. What is also interesting is that the girl who dumped him at the prom was from a "good christian home and attending a conservative private christian college in the south". He also confided in me on how he asked this fat girl out for another prom many years before this and she flaked on him for another guy and now she doesn't speak to him and is nasty towards him as well. This young man is well mannered and been brought up to be the chivalrous well mannered man of the south. He realized at one point that his geekyness was inhibiting from getting the girls, but even after self improvement the girls in his school were fucking all the thugs. He was also telling me about the pierced, tatted up high notch count girls in the school who come class on Monday looking thoroughly wasted and how some have gotten knocked up early and have had their futures utterly ruined. I told him that the only thing to do is to expat, get married and never come back. I told him to watch for Americanization of the culture of the countries he plans to visit overseas. I told him that he observes too many women on the smartphones, have tatt's and piercings, to avoid those women like the plague.

    2. These girls are so sick in the head that they don't realize the nastiness of what they do. If a guy did it to them, cue screaming shit-fits.

      I think he's too late for expat to work for him. Still, he might get lucky. There's probably a better chance than he has in the West right now.

      Any piercing, any tat, is a sign of the poison within. Any form of self-mutilation is a sign of deeply-buried self-hatred.

    3. Nastiness now means strong independent women -- and the nastiness is directed primarily at the Betas -- who have been and are the building blocks of society.