Tuesday 14 April 2015

No Freedom in Spain

Seems that late last year, the Spanish government fucktards made a law that put up some extreme fines for protesters who gather outside government buildings. Hospitals, universities, parliament buildings in Madrid - places like that. Apparently its up to €600k fines for organizers, €600 fines for disrespecting police officers, and €30,000 fined for photographing or videoing the cops.

So what'd some protesters do? They used holograms instead:

Spain's Hologram Protest

Freedom of expression. NoSomosDelito: "We are not crime."

Ironically, they actually are: any protest threatens the government. The government is the social gravy-train set up by the herd of women as their safety-net.

So now, merely assembling to protest a law is a crime. Protesting a law has become hatethink against the provider of the herd.

Expect to see more of this kind of shit over the next decade.

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