Saturday 4 April 2015

Just Dump Her

There is a "social expectation" going around that when a man breaks up with a woman, he should have the balls to do it face-to-face.

What a crock of fuckin' shit.

Now flip the situation. Take a look at what happens when a woman breaks up with a man. Does she go and stand in front of him, say to him: "I'm breaking up with you. I'm sorry. It's just not going to work out." Yadda fuckin' yadda.

Hell no.

Often as not it is the "silent treatment" - she ignores him. He's supposed to "just get it". If he's slow-witted and persists, then he's blocked and labeled as a creeper to all and sundry.

A woman almost never makes it formal, it tends to be a stealth-rejection. Yet a Man is supposed to go up to her and make it formal. Huge screaming fits, tantrums, arguing, crying jags, all that shit ensue.

Step back. Look at this. Why is a man expected to subject himself to this emotional abuse, while women are not?

Because women cannot bear to feel like the "bad guy" so they simply drift away - this allows her to retain her inner illusory state of being all sweetness and light.

Conversely, a woman cannot stand being dumped. It makes her feel like shit. So to help relieve those feelings of pain - she demands the opportunity to vent her feelings of worthlessness upon the man who dumps her ass. He has made her feel like a piece of shit (women never handle rejection well) and so he will pay as she tries to tear him down emotionally.

Notice that it's all right if she makes him feel like a piece of shit. It's totally not all right if he makes her feel like a piece of shit. It's all about her and how she feeeeels - besides, men have no feelings to be hurt, they're just a fuckin' animal/slave made for women's benefit.

"I cannot believe that you would do this to me!"

Believe it cunt.

So it's come to the crunch. You've decided that you're breaking it off. She's not worth being around, for whatever reason(s).

Remember this: You don't owe her shit. That includes any form of explanation whatsoever.

You don't have time for her crap.

You don't have time for her, period. Which is why you're breaking it off with the cunt.

Don't waste your time and energy by catering to her one-way social expectations that're designed to help her deal with her feelings of worthlessness. Make it short and simple. A quick phone call to say whatever you want along the lines of "it's not working, I'm breaking up with you". Even a simple fuckin' text will do. It's more'n she would do for you.

Or even just go silent, or block her, if that's what you want. You don't owe her even basic courtesy, if you want to look at it that way. She wouldn't give you any. Plus, if she was worth anything, then you wouldn't be breaking up with her. Just dump her.

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  1. Going silent will ignite the fires of crazy.

    That's when she'll key your car, show up at work, cry rape, and just loose her shit completely.

    Text. Get everything in writing.

    1. It's a judgement call. Hopefully you caught the signs of crazy before you started fucking her.

      Text though, I agree.

  2. I don't know man. I think there is a certain satisfaction I would get breaking up in person, like the Donald on The Apprentice, "you're fired bitch! GTFO!" Just to see the look on her face would be priceless, especially if she starts crying. I love making bitches cry.

    1. If someone can handle that situation, then go for it. I suppose that I'm looking at it from my perspective, which is basically: I don't owe her shit and I have better things to do.