Thursday 16 April 2015

Relationship Suffocation

One of the things that I've noticed with "relationships" since my divorce: a lot of women have this weird-ass desire to be in your fucking back pocket all the time. To the point where you feel like you're suffocating to death.

We all know that it's hard enough to get into a relationship with a woman these days. Most of them are so fucked in the head that they put you through a million hoops for shits and giggles. Then they look at one bad boy, go over to "talk" with him, and ten minutes later are giving him a blowjob in the back-seat of his car. It means nothing to her, just a good time. Weirdly enough, when they get with you they suddenly become all clingy and insecure.

It's a creepy dynamic overall: "I'll fuck him and it's just fun, you I'm more serious about." So they see you as long-term more'n a simple fuck. Because they see you as more long-term, they get all insecure about you doing anything without them. It's kind of hilarious.

Someone that she sees as being a piece of shit goes to do what he wants and she'll not make a peep.

Someone that she sees as being head-and-shoulders above that (or a $$$ provider) goes to do what he wants and she's suddenly creeping all over him and bitching and whining and insecure.

Even more amusing is when you flip the script and a man does something like that. He creeps on her and she scrams. She creeps on him and he's expected to take it and like it. It's not okay for him to be insecure, it's totally okay for her to be insecure.

The fucked-up-ness and doublethink of women is amazing.


  1. What do they want? Not monopolizing your attention, your dedication, your protection and provision? Ah, and being entertained whenever their fancy would strike. Funny dynamic indeed: while not sure of your commitment they are clingy, but once you become overtly fettered to them, they first become complacent, then more and more demanding, finally they will think they are able to do better than you (or deserve to do better than you). Then they will glomp to somebody else and the cycle would repeat.

    1. It's a strange dynamic all right. Like the PUAs say, cat with a string. Once they got the string, they don't give a shit no more and will go to find another string.

  2. The Black Knight17 April 2015 at 03:31

    Exactly. Add this to #FemaleHypocrisy

    1. Heh - you could write a dictionary and not cover all the variations of Female Hypocrisy.