Monday 6 April 2015

Maximum Emotional Pain

In my post on dumping a woman, I stated:
Notice that it's all right if she makes him feel like a piece of shit. It's totally not all right if he makes her feel like a piece of shit. It's all about her and how she feeeeels - besides, men have no feelings to be hurt, they're just a fuckin' animal/slave made for women's benefit.
Which is funny when you look at it, because women go for the fuckin' jugular of causing maximum emotional pain when they want to. With a complete disregard for any consequences. After all, it's all about her and how she feeeeels.

Never mind the nasty, warped, pathetic emotions of him. He's just a man. He's not relevant.

So obviously, they do recognize that men have emotions. They'll sure as shit go for them, sink in the teeth, claw out his guts, etc. Hell, every time you hear about a nasty frivorce or the nastiness that goes on with child custody cases. Weaponizing the children, using them to get back at their ex-hubby, all that good stuff.

I think it's more a case of they recognize that men do have emotions - and manipulate them ruthlessly. It's another cognitive disconnect. Wimminz emotions have relevance, mens emotions are utterly irrelevant. Except as a handle or weapon to be used against him.

Try imagining from the inside the kind of cold-hearted ruthlessness that women display. We know it happens, we hear about it all the time. Try to understand the kind of nastiness that must be hidden inside a woman - every woman you see that is frivorced - as she's out there acting all sweetness and light, trying to lure her next man. Even if it's just for a quick fuck. When she's done that in her past.

Predatory indeed.

Only the utterly delusional can love that or use it for more than getting their rocks off.

One final thought - you will not be able to beat a woman at the emotional pain game. She's a past master at it, you're just a rank beginner. It's like this:
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