Tuesday 21 April 2015

Anger Drives Us

I mean real anger, real frustration, real emotions.

Not just us MGTOW, Men in general.

Years ago when married, I came home from an exceptionally frustrating day and vented my fury for five minutes upon a punching bag that I'd had for years. It wasn't even hung up at the time, simply laying dusty and unused in a corner of the basement. (I'd been "conditioned" out of any form of physical exercise for a few years by then.)

Rope over a beam, tie that fucker up in the basement, *wham* *wham* *wham* for five minutes kicking and punching and kneeing until puffed and exhausted. (Like I said, no physical exercise. No endurance at all.)

Wife (at the time) was both scared shitless and apparently turned on by this exhibition of rage. She told me that she was scared by it, and later was extremely pliable and wet in bed.

Fast-forward, we have women these days telling us men that we "shouldn't be angry". Like we have no right to express our emotions - while at the same time telling us to express our emotions. Talk about bullshit fucked in the head. Of course, we are expected to only express bland "emotions" and horseshit in keeping with the fucking crap PC line espoused by what laughingly is called society these days.

If we truly expressed our anger: we might kick and punch and knee them to death.

Of course, truly expressing your anger turns the cunts on. It's all down to the doublethink and hypocrisy in their heads. Genuine violence makes them wet, especially if you're using it on another man to "win" her. This is most likely the dynamic behind them getting with thugs. Its for sure the dynamic behind the "lets you and him fight" bullshit game they pull.

Myself, I can't be arsed hanging around thugs and the like. Constant hur-dur poke-poke-poke. Boring as fuck. Da gurlz who get turned on by that shit are also boring as fuck. I've not met one of these girls who turns me on more than sexually - emotionally they leave me cold.

At any rate. Anger drives us.

Guys in the manosphere get a lot of grief about being "angry, misogynistic pricks". Yeah, what is with that? Society, trying to needle us into compliance again. "Fuck you for having a good reason for being angry - you will conform you slave-man. Shame, shame, shame on you!"

Fuck 'em all. Society can cram itself up its own ass and fuckin' deal with it. Hell, it's in the process of doing that anyway. Imploding at great speed as it sucks itself down into a black hole of hedonistic pleasure and self-loathing, down to the singularity of zero. Zero restraints. Zero limits. Zero pleasure. Zero everything.

Our overt anger passes, as we adjust to our deeper understanding of "society's unwritten and in-explicit rules" - covered up with lies all our lives. We start seeing the reality. We get used to looking through the Crap Colored Glasses™.

The anger is still always there though, covertly, simmering under the surface. Occasionally it will boil up and a femicunt will get a tongue-lashing that doesn't involve the cunnilingus or ass-licking that she expects from men. The despising of the female entitlement mindset runs deep and slow in men who have been thoroughly fucked over by the femicunt social system and it's toadies. Occasionally it breaks out.

Like today for me, someone put up some words about man-pants and girl-pants. Effectively it was a "shut up and shovel the fuckin' gravel - else you're a whiny little girl" message. Predictably, the Femicunts and PC-Police and White Knight motherfuckers started jumping all over it: "sexist", "not funny", "pathetic", rah-rah-rah. My response to the lot of them: "I see that the Ministry of Truth is off to a fine start, and the PC-Police have a lot on their hands. You can tell the pendantic twats by what concerns them."

A tiny little stab those little femicunts and SJWs with their fucked-up and twisted mindsets. Just came outta nowhere. Or rather, came bubbling up from the still and slow depths, expressed in withering contempt.

It will happen again.

The anger will always be there. Not overt. It drives us, deep in our gut. It moves us to improve ourselves. It forces us to do our own thing. That's how we know we are Men.

Those without that anger...are not men. Call them manginas if you want. Lesser, conditioned deeply, sucked down the kool-aid laced with the cyanide that killed the Man within. Withered on the vine, stillborn.

The real Men, we bank the fires of rage. Let it burn slowly, far down under the surface, in the depths.

Maybe one day there will be an opportunity to let it out and rage in an all-consuming wildfire. Otherwise it simply waits, the angry beast kindled long ago, held within in readiness for a time of need.


  1. I always check up on your posts, because you're the only person angrier than me.

    I know that I would have made a stellar Viking Beserker, but I am a bit late.

    It's the anger from my divorce, from being lied to by society that fueled my resurrection.

    Imhave a good life now, and I know, without that anger, without that fight, I would have never gotten back off the floor.

    Another good post.

    1. The anger makes us lick our wounds and heal - rather than lie down and die when we've been fucked over. The anger is what goads us to go out there and do something. The anger is that little voice: how fucking dare you!

      That voice which says: fuck with me and I will eat you alive. The voice which says: be as moody as you want, I'm not kowtowing to your shit. The voice as you're pumping iron with screaming muscles, saying: I'm not taking any lip from a bunch of fucking muscles.

      We are the result of millions of years of evolution. The apex predator on the planet - one that's destroyed ecosystems, eradicated species, is completely capable of wrecking the planet totally. So we fucking need to act like it.

      The true hunter knows when to lay low. When the odds are too great. So he hides. Instead of standing out like a black sheep in the flock, he pulls a bland sheepskin over his wolf-self. He patiently waits for the right moment, whether it comes or not. Whether he grows old and dies in the process.

      Life is good, yes. This is one of the best times to be alive. We have the leisure, we have the space to be anonymous, we don't have to completely disappear into the wilderness to live life on our terms. We have ease thanks to technology, we can enjoy things, we can be the ghost in society as much as we please. Amongst the masses of millions of sheep we can truly hide and go our own way, unseen, unremarked-upon, truly hidden.

      Inside the bland sheepskin, a Man. Waiting for the time that may never come, yet still patient and as wise as we can manage in these days.

    2. As you said: a furnace that keeps you going instead of scurrying to a corner to die. Still, it's better to have other reasons to live beyond anger. It's difficult to keep it from turning on yourself and transforming to self-blame.

    3. Correct, Mindstorm. Which is where the message of "improve yourself" comes from. Work out. Learn something new. Do something that interests you. Eat properly. Build some good habits. Do it for your own self, not simply for getting women.

      Most importantly: don't let somebody else get their hooks into you again. Here's the myriad ways that they'll try.

      Some men simply do roll over and die, for whatever reason: too much damage taken or an inner lacking. Suicide is 39% higher among divorced men. While I hate to trot out the refrain of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" - it's truth. Nietzsche was correct. Broken people heal in strange ways too, if not given a template of some sort to follow. A bone healing crooked.

      This is where I believe Men's wisdom has come into play. We know how destructive anger can be. We provide the best sort of support that we can in the form of advice and guidance. IMO the Manosphere as a whole is our stealth-rebuilding of Men's support-systems in a time of overwhelming female-centeredness on the part of society. Sure, it has its parasites. That's unavoidable. It's still out here though.

      While not perfect, it's better than nothing at all.

  2. You want anger? Read Jim Goad's "Shit Magnet". It's actually very inspiring - in a dark way. Where you walk away and say "Man..that was dark."