Thursday 23 April 2015

Relationships Are For Women

From over Reddit (/r/MGTOW) a questioner asks:
Are MGTOW's Completely Against The Idea Of Being In A Relationship With Women?
I don't want kids or to get married but I'm still attracted to women and I haven't had a lot of experience with them honestly. I'd still like to be with women and maybe even spend my life with a woman. Am I still mgtow or what would you call me? 
Edit: Why am I getting downvoted? It's an honest question. I'm curious.
This is an honest question and worth thinking about. Several of the commentor's come up with what I think are excellent answers:
MGTOW is about not being other people's slave. Specifically not using women (in the context of male sexuality) as an excuse to be her slave.
It's about taking your power back.
MGTOWs are not against the idea of being in a relationship with a woman, we just think that it is a pointless, useless and worthless endeavor.
What can a woman in a romantic relationship offer you ?
Companionship and camaraderie ? Those are what friends and domesticated pets of both sexes are for.
Sex ? You have legal prostitution, fleshlight, pornography, virtual pornography in the future as well as friends with benefits. All these alternative methods do not involve you getting divorce raped in family courts.
Children ? Many MGTOWs do not want children. Those who do want can pursue legal surrogacy or adoption or in the future, artificial wombs.
Identity ? You are a MGTOW, an independent man. You form your own identity on your own terms, not one based on the approval and validation of women.
Peace & Freedom ? You don't get that in a romantic relationship with a human female. Ever.
The bottom line is from a rational and logical stance, there is no reason to be romantically involved with a woman. The costs are astronomical and the benefits are negligible if not nonexistent.
True. unless you're a weak lazy ass who can't cook, clean and take care of himself and looking for a 'sugar mummy' instead for his money lol then there's no point - ergo- there IS NO POINT.
Relationships are for WOMEN. not for men. [My emphasis. - BPS]
we are gatekeepers of commitment. don't give it to them.
To answer the post title, I don't think that people here are against it, but for a multitude of reasons, namely the legal climate and because of Feminism the interaction is just too damn one-sided against men and far too dangerous financially to be justifiable. Without any change to that in sight the rational choice to walk away has been made by most people on here.
All of the comments are worthwhile, I've simply quoted a few of them. To me, the most striking comment is that by Morranaii: "Relationships are for WOMEN. not for men."

Let's face it, women are all about relationships. Juicy gossip is their stock-in-trade, the coin of their realm. Backstabbing and sniping is de rigueur. Cliques, groups, those "in" and "out". All the social capital that makes them a woman.

As men, we don't give a shit about all that crap. Are you reliable? How do you fix this? Got any ideas on that? Just shut up and shovel the fuckin' gravel. Men's social capital and esteem amongst men is all about what we do, not what gossip and backstabbing that we have managed in the last few days. It's all about getting shit done, preferably in the best way possible.

Unfortunately, society has taken the female's social capital and said "that's all that matters". Which is well and fine for women, complete crap for men. Then society has also said that without a relationship (with a woman) a man is nothing. Again, well and fine for women (sponges and leeches), complete crap for men (being drained by women).

Like marriage, it's all a one-sided thing. Any relationship with a woman is a one-sided thing. If she wants more, she'll push-push-push for it. If she's not that interested, she'll go dark on you. If you're looking for the mythical happy medium, good luck.

Which seems to explain the maxim of: "he who cares least controls the relationship". Also the situations where women stick around with guys who really don't give a flying fuck: her sunk costs (emotional and mental investment) prevent her from terminating it. Even if ending a relationship would make a helluva lot more sense than keeping it going, limping along uselessly.

Relationships with women. Do we men really need them? Not really. Our need for them grows smaller by the day as we improve ourselves and get our own lives together. Our need to be a slave is reduced as we reject the brainwashing of female-centric society.

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