Thursday 9 April 2015

Doing Things On Your Terms

This is simply a few extra thoughts on the MGTOW hate that was doing the rounds a while back. I haven't seen any recently - not that I've been looking for it either. At any rate.

Basically the hate was coming out with messages along the lines of: If you're not chasing hawt chicks you're a loooooooser! MGTOW don't chase chicks because they're looooooosers! Etcetera.

Which (I finally figured) translates to: Pay me $$$ for my info-shit on how to get hawt chicks! If you don't, you're a loooooooser!

Basic femicunt shaming-language. Not even being that subtle about it either. The only reason that it took a while to catch on was because we weren't really expecting that from our fellow-men - which just goes to show. Keep a leery eye on every-fuckin'-thing.

So yes, these people have an agenda. Whether it's potential loss of $$$ or (from the churchian blogs) emotional skin in the game.

Emotional skin in the game. Prime examples: Christian girls are nice girls! They're traditional! Etcetera.

Pity that they've been inundated with a wave of toxic-waste born-again ho's who loudly and proudly proclaim: "I've changed, I'm not like that any more, God/Jesus has saved me."

Yeah, right. Just another born-again fuckin' virgin with a surreptitious hymenoplasty.
You're wading through miles of shit to try and find one speck of gold. I already did a post detailing that you probably will have to go through 2,000 girls to find one that's actually worthwhile:

* you might find 10 girls a week that you consider acceptable
* but 1 in 20 actually want to fuck you
* and 1 in 100 are actually worthwhile
* so that's 2,000 girls to filter through
* which takes about 200 weeks or 3-4 years
* to find ONE girl who is actually worthwhile

That's a lot of toxic shit to wade through. Then people give you stick and call you a loser for saying: "Fuck it, too much effort, I'm'a go do something I find more worthwhile to do with my life."

Buncha stupid bastards with an agenda, their own emotional skin in the game, and dipshits who are incapable of understanding that you're:

1/ an adult
2/ have done the thinking
3/ have made a rational choice
4/ and are fucking sticking to it, so take your bullshit elsewhere

They also don't realize that their pathetic shaming tactics don't work. I will repeat it here: "If feminazi's, with years of practice and all of society's pressure, can't make us toe the fuckin' party line - what makes you think your shaming language will do the motherfuckin' trick?"

Right there is a prime example of male stupid-think, eviscerated and hung out to dry.

"Oh you're losers! You've given up! Poor likkel pussy 'men', got no guts!"

Yeah. Keep your shaming language - along with your agenda - to yourself, you fuckin' maggot. I'm not here to keep some femicunt in the manner to which she wishes to become accustomed, and I'm not here to line your motherfuckin' pocket either.

Going your own way (or going ghost) isn't giving up, it's fighting passively and (most especially!) surviving to fight another day. It's doing things on your terms, instead of the terms of someone else with an agenda. Especially when that agenda is to cater to or support a female parasite, one way (marriage or child-support) or another (catering to her narcissism through Game and encouraging the cock-carousel).

So you can go ahead and be a "real man" - throw yourself into the meat-grinder - sacrifice yourself for a greedy and uncaring woman - work yourself hopelessly to death for an unforgiving society. Every revolution needs it's martyrs. Give them your all, I'm sure that you'll feel a great satisfaction from the accolades which are certain to follow.

Posthumously of course.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.


  1. The whole point of christians & blogs like dalrock, rollo is to turn women into born again virgins, dont blame women, blame hypergamy, feminism etc

    Basically using red pill, game, to con men into handing over their wealth to diseased women & sluts ... The basic premise of most pro christian blogs, dont expect anything from women, enslave yourself to a vagina like a good christian ...

    Christians & clueless maintreamers like Rollo have no interest in actually giving a shit about men & women, be a slave blame everything on game, redpill, feminism etc., dont judge women or stand up to them

    Dont call women out on their shit ...

    Btw Ive been chronically ill for the last few months, worst of it is over, good to be ill, better then chronically dying slowly ... lol

    1. I've been wondering where you were. Been through the chronically-ill situation myself. Hope you're mending.

      Yeah, they all have skin in the game. I will also blame myself too, as well as women - I don't put the boot enough into these whores. A tricky thing.

  2. The Black Knight10 April 2015 at 08:45

    Love that Born-Again Virgin picture you posted. :-)