Sunday 5 April 2015

We Need to Talk

Translation: You are in deep fucking shit.

This is the most balls-shriveling thing you will ever hear a woman say. It is the prelude to an emotional attack upon you. Which is why your balls shrivel up reflexively: you've been through hundreds, perhaps thousands, of these in your lifetime.

They never get better.

Response: No. You need to shut up or fuck off.

Flip it.

Stick it to her.

Shut her down.

Walk away.

You don't have time for this crap. Or the energy or interest.


  1. A prelude to an ultimatum of sorts, right?

    1. Always. For exampe: "we need to talk about our relationship" translates to "are we going anywhere or do I go jump on someone else's cock?" A very pleasant conversation to have, cue emotional drama and crying fits and shit like that. All emotional manipulation.

      If they really cared for you they wouldn't pull that shit. You can pretty-much take to the bank that any emotional manipulation shows how little she truly thinks of you, your feelings, etc. Also that shows her lack of inner grace and femininity. Plus insecurity and lack of self-confidence - true self-confidence, not the brash "I'm a strong independent woman" crap that the feminazi's espouse.

      You could add that under the NAWALT aka Unicorn post: girls who don't indulge in emotional manipulation would be the types locked in to a stable and solid relationship real early in their lives. You don't see them on the market. For understandable reasons.