Tuesday 7 April 2015

Bromance, No Homo, and Slash

Commentor Anonymous over on Uncle Bob's came out with this comment (regarding the German Pilot who crashed a plane with all hands aboard):
Well, the guy was a pilot after all. I thought that women regarded pilots as being sexy, adventurous and attractive? I thought pilot was one of the "sexy occupations" for men, like doctor, cowboy, fireman, 50-Shades-of-Grey billionaire, etc., that women dreamed of. So to go off thinking that this man had problems attracting women and was an "omega" guy without any other information is bizarre (the guy looks ok in that picture with the golden gate bridge (no homo)). Was the guy recently divorced or broken up with a girlfriend?
My emphasis the "no homo".

What immediately struck me was that a completely anonymous commentor still felt the need to add "no homo" when (presumably he) stated that the pilot looked okay in his picture.

Thinking back on things, I've heard guys say that they have a "bromance" with another guy. As in "me and him have a bromance thing going on". Were these guys homosexual? No. They used the word to describe a deep male friendship. (A word that I've only heard in the last half-decade - though that might simply be NZ being isolated from the rest of the world.)

Then I had a think about "Slash" fiction. This is basically fan-fiction (usually by women) where the male friendship of a pair of well-known characters in regular fiction is characterized as strongly homoerotic. Sometimes the fan-fiction has it changed (twisted?) to a flat-out homosexual relationship. (Notable example: Kirk and Spock from the Star Trek series.)


So this appears to be more evidence of the poison going on in society: the pathologization of male-male friendships. Society seems to be surreptitiously getting across the idea that all male-male friendships are essentially homosexual in nature. The triple concepts of bromance, no homo, and slash are all some evidence towards it. There are probably more that I don't know of or recognize.

It would seem that no heterosexual guy wants the slightest hint of homosexuality in his male-male friendships. In his gut he likely feels that this (homosexuality) is wrong on a deep level - if he felt otherwise then he'd possibly have homosexual leanings himself.

Note that I'm saying "it would seem" and "likely feels" because I have no data: only my own gut feelings. YMMV. Try to use your own perspective on this, rather than reflexively using the herd-socially-approved-groupthink of equalism, equality, tolerance, etc that has been drummed into you via the modern leftist/socialist school system that we've been forced to endure.

At any rate, this seems to be another method of controlling males: if you demonize male-male friendships, these bonds never form, the male is left isolated and alone with no male support group. All the better prey for the female to control in all ways. Especially when you see the loss of a mans friends once he becomes married - until his "friends" become the socially-approved emasculated husbands of the wifes friends.

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Note: Back in the post on LGBT are Dodo's, I stated that they are biological dead-ends and attention-whores. If they're quietly telling you their sexual preferences (and you're not family) then they're probably interested in hooking up with you and think you might be interested. When they go out into full-on "shout it to the world" then they're just attention-whoring for the social-pass that these minorities have.


  1. I've known a few girls (sluts, all) who reflexively and angrily accused any male activity -- club matches at the range, for example -- of being gay.

    They weren't serious. They just felt so threatened by men leading normal healthy male lives that they felt compelled to blast out a disgusting shit test.

    1. That's a damn interesting observation. Thank you!

  2. your last paragraph is spot-on! that is exactly what they are doing. they ridicule the friendships in The Fast & The Furious movies, even though the characters explicitly state that the movies are about creating a family. & there is even disgusting slash fiction about Supernatural, even though the two characters are actual brothers. they try to destroy every bond men have & the easiest way to do that is to paint it as homosexual.

  3. I have further thoughts on this - the post is somewhat incoherent IMO - and will put up a follow-on post once I can get my head around it a bit better. Hopefully that'll clarify this even more.