Friday 10 April 2015

Mixed Thoughts In The Herdmind

This is some additional thoughts to the post on Bromance, No Homo, and Slash. I should have made that much clearer, especially my reason for adding the LGBT are Dodo's part to the end of it.

I simply couldn't get it to fit quite properly.

So here it is, a bit more that hopefully makes things clearer in context.
It is very telling the mixed thoughts going on in the herdmind:

1/ Full glorification and support for LGBT etc.

2/ Utter intolerance of normal male friendship and generally branding it as homosexual

So they at the same time both glorify and denigrate homosexuality. A prime example of Female Doublethink and Self-Deceit. and Female Best Intentions and Lies Women Tell Themselves.

Someone out there knows how the herdmind thinks (or rather, doesn't reflect!) and appears to be using and abusing it with great enthusiasm. You almost have to admire the sheer amount of insane doublethink that is being shown by society (which is basically driven by women). Plus the chutzpah and hubris exhibited by whoever it is feeding this mindset of warped doublethink.

We sure as shit have realized that women do not engage much in the way of retrospection. They seem utterly unconscious of the craziness and delusions and lies which goes on inside their heads. Really, if they were conscious of it, then they'd probably kill themselves.

Because it'd be impossible to consciously believe that you're a fuckin' Princess who belongs on a fuckin' Pedestal, with a Golden Uterus that makes you the Perfect Immaculate Person and the Ultimate Goddess From Whom No Wrong Can Come - while at the same time completely realize and understand what kind of piece of shit you truly are deep inside.

The true depth of mutual illusions and self-delusions in the female herd/creature is breathtaking.


  1. In particular, women have no idea how real-life gay relationships look like. If you don't believe, check on Wikipedia how the fodder for fujoshi imagination, shounen-ai and yaoi, portraits them in contrast to the content produced by gays for gays themselves - wasei-eigo/bara.

    1. Women can't even stand each other: Lesbian relationships have a higher chance of failing than homosexual relationships. When they don't even have a clue what they want, what their female partners want, etc - then their concepts of real-life gay relationships are going to have about as much substance as clouds.