Friday 22 February 2013

Then and Now

• scratching to put $500 a month aside
• overweight and unhealthy
• two incomes (wife working)
• not going anywhere on holiday
• generally stressed and unhappy

• learning dance (Ceroc)
• going to gym (with a great PT)
• enjoy time in the outdoors (beach)
• can make improvements to the home
• can make investments
• can go have a night out with friends
• can go on holiday
• eating well and getting healthier
• can do my hobbies
• pay someone else to mow the lawns
• one (lesser) income only
• generally unstressed and shitloads happier

That's a huge contrast in lifestyle. I'm certainly not sweating my guts out for someone who is ungrateful - it's all MINE to do with as I please. Which I do. No relegation to the basement "man cave" bullshit, it's my home and I do as I please everywhere within it.

Additionally, I'm only paying my own way. If I hang out with someone, it's because I want to hang out with them. There is no pressure on myself or them for anything. If I'm feeling knackered, then I can chill by myself, no problems and no getting pissy when somebody just won't fucking leave you alone for five minutes.

Best part: I can put out only minimal effort and get sex. If a girl wants to fuck me, so long as she meets my standards, no problem. If she's not interested, no problem. If she's insane, she can take her creepy little mind elsewhere. It's best for all concerned.

Now I know from personal experience why the old English had a his-and-hers separate bedroom. And why the Karma Sutra emphasised a special room just for sex. I take this to what might seem an extreme: she never, ever moves in. It simply isn't worth the bullshit and hassle.

Living apart: the way of the future.

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