Sunday 24 February 2013

Dear Woman

You interest me because I've seen this pattern before.

Three-odd months ago, you detonated your 20-year-marriage and ejected from your family, leaving your children and hubby.

When I asked you what happened: "We weren't growing together, and if you're not growing together..."

This is one of the most dishonest, transparent, and lame excuses that I've heard. When run through my bullshit-to-English converter it comes out as: "He didn't give me the hots any more and I got bored, so now I'm doing the 41-year-old cougar/slut thing. Hooray for Eat, Pray, Love!"

I know that you've already had three guys. Given the rumours, I'm betting that there's at least seven more one-night guys that I've not seen. (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt: I know one girl who admitted to me having six guys in one night. THAT is a record in my experience.)

While you are fuckable, you are certainly not even short-term relationship material. So in general you do not interest me in that way. Plus fucking you would be far too risky given the number of men you're going through: very high chance of catching an STD.

What is far more fascinating is seeing the black poison in your soul. The way that you expose it to the world is so very classy. /dry

I wonder how many others are picking up on it too.

Sincerely, a very amused BlackPoisonSoul

PS: # of guys willing to fuck you != # of guys willing to invest in and commit to you

We know damaged goods when we see it so eloquently on display.

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