Thursday 28 February 2013

The Female Mind Is A Warped And Twisted Place

Was out recently dancing with a female friend (yes, I dance - I'm not some completely uncultured boor). This mildly drunk chick comes and sits down with my friend, strikes up a convo with her while I'm having a piss. When I get back and sit down, the convo takes a weird turn:

DC: So, are you two together? (she'd caught us dancing and liked it I guess)

Me and Friend: It's kind of complicated...

DC: (sits forward, eyes opening wide) Tell me! I love complicated!

F: I've got a boyfriend, we're just here to relax and have a drink and dance a bit.

DC: Ohhhh! You have a boyfriend, and you two are hooking up together! Oh wow, I so totally respect that you two can be so open about that!

F: (who really loves her boyfriend) No, I love my boyfriend. We're just friends, not going to hook up.

DC: Oh wow, but you just both so look good together! I mean, I can totally see you two hooking up together, despite your boyfriend!

F: (who is now getting pissed off) No, we're not going to hook up! We're just friends!

DC: Hey, it's awesome you two can do that! (starts rubbing her hands over my hands and arms)

By this point I'm as amused as hell and my friend is unhappy about the conversation. Some people are just too strait-laced and unable to enjoy the humor of the moment.

Later, walking to my car, I passed DC and her boyfriend arguing over whose car she was going home in. So her side of her conversation had been obvious projection of her desire to break up with him and go playing the field again. She just didn't really have the guts to dump what she had and play around - or rather, she wanted to find someone new before she broke up with her current. Which is what she was thinking that we were doing.

The female mind is weird.

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