Tuesday 26 February 2013

Love and Hate

Time for a little philosophy and suchlike random crapola from the twisted skeins of my decaying grey matter.

People say that love and hate are opposites. Both strong emotions, etc, etc, etc. Ad nauseum. Add whatever else you wish to add to this.

People are wrong.

Love and hate are both the same side of the coin. They are hard to distinguish in many ways.

For example, it is almost as easy to fuck a girl who hates you as it is to fuck a girl who loves you. Something gets a little stirred up there in the old grey matter - and next thing, she's giggling kittenishly in post-coital glow, dreamily running her fingers through your chest-hair while resting her head on your chest and breathing in your manly scent.

So love and hate are not opposites. No. The opposite of love (and hate) is indifference.

It is HARD to get the attention and interest of those who basically don't care if you exist.

In my view, this is what Game does. It knocks through the indifference barrier, getting a woman's attention, from which point you can quickly escalate to increase her attraction. Or simply do it slowly, taking your time about things, drawing out the process to the point where it is extremely titillating for the girl. Driving her slowly mad with lust and anticipation.

Depending upon how you prefer to do things - and if you really want a new girl in your bed every day.

Strange, the oddball things that you learn as you go through life.

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