Tuesday 19 February 2013

What The Fuck Were You Thinking?

Women, what the fuck were you thinking?

There's dumb, and there's dumber. (And dumbest, yet I digress.)

In the old days having a family involved: teaching letters and manners, cooking, cleaning, wiping noses and asses, organising, looking after sick family members, etc.

Instead you have passed up on that homemaker garbage for careers as: secretaries, nurses, cleaners, teachers, home health care workers, maids, sales clerks, cooks, waitresses, and store shelf stackers.

Don't bother talking about: lawyers, doctors, surgeons, architects, pilots, programmers, scientists, etc. The vast majority of women don't do that sort of intensive fields of work.

So instead of doing support work for your family - with lower effort and stress thanks to the progress and inventions created by your men, which now allow you to settle down for a couple of hours in the middle of the day to read Fifty Shades of Grey - you decided to do 8+ hours of solid daily work to support someone else's business or life.

Of course, that meant you had to get someone else to look after your children. (Daycare, yay!) Also someone else to cook for you when you were too tired or lazy to do it yourself. (Fast-food, yay!) Then you were too damn busy to vacuum and wash and clean. (Maid, yay!) With lots of times out with friends. (Dinner and drinks out, yay!)

But...you had to pay for all that shit. (Damn.)

And sadly, you had to put off having kids until later in life, so you could pursue your career. (Damn.)

You also had to put off finding the right guy to settle down with. (Damn.)

But you did have your fun while single! And got preggers. No hubby to help with this kid. (Double-damn.)

Unfortunately, you really didn't have much real quality time with your child. Too busy with career, and bang, they've grown up now. You missed the best. (Damn!)

You're older and are thinking of more children...buuuut...you now have a higher chance of things like Downs Syndrome. Plus you just don't have the energy that you did at twenty. And who wants kids at age fifty. (Crap damn.)

Now the available guys don't want to marry you - you think they've gotten feral or something. Scared bastards cannot handle an accomplished woman like you. (Goddamn.)

So you concentrate on your daughter...who goes and does pretty-much what you did...leaving you to settle down with a couple of pets and occasionally fucking that very nice bachelor down the street. The one who fucks those five other women as well. (Damn.)

Then one day you realise that...you know...you could have done just as well, if you'd gotten properly committed at a young age and been a stay-at-home mom. It was the same sort of work...and while you didn't get paid for it directly...it would have been cheaper to live.

And easier.

And less stressful.

And more satisfying.

And you'd have been happier.

And had more wonderful times with more than one child.

And had quality family times with a great man, like the ones that in hindsight you shouldn't have passed up while you were having fun while pursuing your career.

And you'd have him with you now.

So now you're curled up tonight, miserable, crying, desperately unhappy, wishing you had someone to hold you close in the darkness while the rain blasts down on the roof and the thunder and lightning split the night sky. Someone to say softly, warmly, into your ear: "There, there love, it's going to be all right." Someone to kiss the back of your neck, to cuddle you from behind, letting you fall asleep, feeling warm and protected.

Happy and loved.

What were you thinking.

This post brought to you by "1am insomnia™". The tears in your eyes are an especial gift - pardon me while I enjoy some extra schadenfreude.

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