Monday 25 February 2013

The Hypocrisy of the War on Drugs

My generation was born of the hippies in the sixties. Free love, alcohol, every drug you can imagine taken every way you can imagine (including anally - and I'm not meaning someone's cock, even though sex is a drug). Good shit like that.

This is why it amuses me every time someone gets arrested for growing or providing some drug. These laws came into existence after the swinging permissiveness was over, done for, most people got tired, etc.

My personal opinion is that people kinda-sorta saw the results (ie that people had a great fucking time) and got their tits in a knot. So they decided that Puritanism was the way to go. As in, hard-nosed toe-the-fucking-line attitude. Hypocritical to the max, given that many of them had been doing this themselves - but, like, you know, we should protect you from yourselves, man.

Funny, prohibition was tried once before. It worked real well.

The efforts to nail down drugs is going just as successfully. Like, real well, man.

The problem being that when you criminalise something like this:

• you cannot stop it
• you cannot regulate it
• you cannot properly monitor it


• you cannot concentrate on the really bad stuff while leaving the relatively innocuous stuff to work itself out

You also waste a shitload of money trying all of the above - and failing spectacularly. Plus the crime which gets the boost from moving and peddling this shit. Finally, also looking like fucking idiots for even trying - especially given all the cops who are in on it too.

How do drugs work themselves out? For starters, the really stupid and out-of-control fuckers kill themselves off - sadly sometimes at the expense of some more worthwhile people. Spilled milk, et al. Death is usually the great equaliser, and with some luck these types won't survive long enough to breed.

The best part is that in a couple generations, the problem will go away. Especially if we are proactive enough to limit their birthrate:

"A confirmed user of drug 'A&R'? Okay, to prevent your babies from getting hooked in the womb, you are getting forcibly sterilised. What about your fucking rights, we're talking about the rights of the child. It's all for the children, not you! If you wanted kiddies you should have stayed away from the fucked-up hard stuff. Was your choice though, now this is the consequence."

Put it in those terms. As bald-faced unsympathetic as it fucking gets.

Then sit back and watch the sensible people lead sensible lives, and the retards crying and begging and puling once they "grow up" a little and find that they cannot do something - because of the consequences.

I predict that the bleeding-heart motherfuckers will come out of the woodwork too, whining about how it's not riiiiight to do that to people. Tell that to the Chinese with their one child per family law: it worked well overall, and fuck the stupid motherfuckers who tried to flout it and have several kiddies. Sterilisation cometh.

Of course the bleeding-heart fucktards will get their knickers in a knot with me: "You just wanna get high legally and to hell with the rest of society!" I drink only very moderate amounts of alcohol - so it is with lofty disdain that I will ignore your craptastic attempts to shame me into line with your moral views. Go fuck yourself up the ass you stuck-up moralistic passive-aggressive whining prig.

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