Friday, 1 December 2017

Stop Thinking Chess

David Aurini has an interesting post from a couple of months ago (I'm just now catching up a little), where he states that the Alt-Right is winning every battle yet losing the war. In it, he states:
Battling the radical left has proven to be a losing strategy, and there are several reasons for this.
He goes on the enumerate the reasons. To boil it down:

• Members of the Right take time to develop and educate/train to usefulness

• Members of the Left breed like maggots and are easily brainwashed into compliance

• Combating the endless hordes of the pathetic-Left simply wastes the valuable-Right's precious time and energy

He quotes a commentor Doktor Jeep (on Vox Day's blog - this is only a partial requote):
There are many works though that need not be grounded in fighting the SJWs that will still improve the world. Frankly it would be best to just damn them and go full steam ahead in doing what’s simply right for civilization and the west generally. Maybe this is why they are so thusly programmed to “block our path” no matter how wrong and ridiculous they are. They know they are not going to win, but if they can keep the pass blocked until that critical mass of immigration and societal decay is reached (when the people are beyond hope for not even being able to conceive another way out) then they win. A sacrifice play.
We should steamroller them. Go around them. Stop waiting for the world to improve (and going about it like making noise will help). Go improve it. Yes our “speakers” are informative and useful, but the information they give us can only go so far. We have to use it in meatspace.
This is very correct - in military terms, get inside their OOTS loop (as per Boyd's definitions) and take them apart that way. Effectively this means taking apart the current world-structure which supports these Leftist retards.

That's a big ask.

Part of the problem is that they/we are all thinking about it the wrong way.

Going for the throat, combating the individual Leftist/SJW, taking over or dismantling the current system, is following the mentality of Chess. Attrition. Von Clausewitz "On War", slaughtering and destroying the opposition with minimal losses to yourself.

In video game terms: cutting through all the dweeb enemies to reach the boss, then cutting down that boss. Taking a breather then starting again on the long grind that is the next level. Even if you attempt an end-run around the dweebs to cut the head off the boss. The issue is that the numbers of individual dweebs and bosses are limitless. Plus, the bastards can breed faster than you can cut them down.

Stop thinking Chess. Stop thinking attrition and destruction. Stop thinking video games.

Start thinking Go. Start thinking making the enemy ineffective.

Let's be honest - while they are individually bloody annoying, in the long term they are retarded and not worth engaging. Controlling our emotional reaction to what are effectively retarded trolls is a far better start to using our minds and lives effectively.

When we fall into the trap of engaging their insane provocation, we end up just like the other monkeys, screaming back at the ones we don't agree with. As the saying goes: "Never get into an Internet argument with a retard. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

This is a very depressing thought that links quite neatly with how the Alt-Right has lost the war. They're being dragged down into the morass of retarded trolls, responding in kind, being swamped, finally overwhelmed by the masses of attack-bunnies and orcs. Beaten by experience.

So. To continue the Chess/video game analogy, we are attempting to overthrow an entrenched system which has a limitless supply of cannon fodder. We are attempting to take over what already exists. The problem is that we can't do that - there's too much opposition.

So if we can't take over or destroy the existing system, what can we do? As Doktor Jeep states, the Left blocks reflexively - even a "full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes" effort will be ineffective against that mentality. Which means that we must stop thinking about going head-to-head and start thinking laterally.

Let them have their system. Completely unopposed. (Or at most with only token opposition - so they don't twig to the fact that they're being outmanoeuvred.)

Start thinking of building our own in parallel.

Massively parallel.

This is already happening out there. I read somewhere (cannot think where at the moment - Aaron Clarey's blog?) that some small towns in America have started going back to barter between townsfolk. No monetary transactions, no income, no taxation.

They live. Nobody can stop that sort of trading. It's the grey (and even black) market.

Parasitise off the existing systems. Get your parallel systems up and running. Then you can "retire" from the fray, continuing to live in "seeming poverty" (so far as the mainstream system understands it).

Then watch the parasites continue to decline and destroy themselves. Your parallel systems of food, comfort, moral and intellectual values, information, friendships, will all be there. You won't appear on the system's radar. You're too small and insignificant and (apparently) poor. Nobody is going to attempt to take your "nothing" from you. It's not worth it to them.

There is a method of enjoying the decline, in peace and quiet.

Note that it works for the Amish. No, I'm not saying that we go that far back technologically - however, they are an exceptional example of a mostly-self-sustaining different culture in America. With blockchain technology, massive parallel systems of barter become possible (call it barterchain? or something more innocuous, that doesn't give it away...).

I sometimes wonder if Bitcoin was expressly designed as a parallel system to help people to parasitise off the main system. Tinfoil-hat conspiracy? No. I just can't help wondering, sometimes.

I once mentioned in passing, over on Amerika, that I wouldn't be surprised if someone upped-stakes and disappeared with a petrol-station of gasoline. You can run a lot of stuff for a long time with that much. A couple of the commenters pooh-poohed me down, sneering, telling me that I was being silly. I left them to their mindset, firmly entrenched and fully-engaged in the "value" of the current system.

However. Try googling "missing truck" or even "missing truck driver".

Then ask yourself how much value a double-tanker of diesel, or a double-trailer of tinned food, might have in a parallel system.

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