Saturday 30 December 2017

One Choice

This one's for the ladies. Let us begin. (With inspirational acknowledgement to Popp and Blake of Redonkulas, heheh.)

A woman has one choice in life. (You could say one chance in life too.)

The choice: Does she want a man in her life?

Yes? Then she must choose her man carefully - and stick with him.

No? Yay feminism! Yay independence! Yay cock carousel! Yay to being the hub in the Richard Salad!

Yay to always - always! - embracing the immortal words: "Mooooorrreee cooooccckkk!"

Just remember, sistah's: A woman don't need no man! A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle!

Which is how she became the town bicycle and learned how to speak in gluggling vowels. The irony of this is overwhelming. (I choose cats!)

When she's done exploring her sexuality/discovering herself/whatever - aka crammed all her holes with as much cock as she possibly can - it's now time for her to settle down. At that point, after that 500 miles of cock being run through her, most nobody has any real interest in fucking her like in her youth. Even so, now she expects to go for full price.

Yeah nah.

After 31 cocks she's nowhere near a virgin. She's the chewing-gum that the weird kid sticks under the top of his desk, saving for later re-use.

So let's say that at the beginning she says: Yes.

Even so there's definitely a lot of teh wimminz fucking up this choice in life:
What is the most important decision that any woman can make in her entire life?
Who she has them with. When she has them. Where she has them. How she has them. Why she has them.
Yet a large % of women and her parents are fucking this up.
Now if you're stupid, and your parents are stupid - and you generally have run-of-the-mill average luck in life - effectively your choice has just defaulted to: "No." 'Cause you are about to get 500 miles of cock run through you, 6-8" at a time.

That's what happens when you choose the wrong man right from the beginning. (Men might - might!- give you one, perhaps two, fuckup-passes with this. Not if you've got any kind of fornication trophy though.)

Now if you're careful enough - you (and your parents) choose wisely - that "Yes" choice might actually work out for you.

Remember though: It's a "Yes" choice that you ladies have to make every day. In our modern days, you are free to flip it from "Yes" to "No" at any time. Once it's been flipped to "No", it can never go back. That switch is one-way.

To illustrate, from an old post:
The current system of female to male interaction (marriage) has the following mentality: "You will obey or you will be forced to obey." Which is of course no choice at all for married men. End result: you will obey, either fuckin' way. Slavery.
MGTOW on the other hand reverse this system into a male to female interaction with the following mentality: "Obey or fuck off." Which is of course a real choice for any woman. They want to hang around a MGTOW, they can obey - or fuck off. End result: they actually have a choice, unlike the female to male interaction of marriage and no choice. Freedom.
(Note that any man who goes into marriage these days is instantly forced into the female to male interaction. A mans' only real choices these days are: bachelor or marriage, freedom or slavery.)
A lotta women will pull the old bait'n'switch, flip the "Yes" to "No" when it's convenient for her or when pretty-much anything even slightly difficult comes down the pipeline of life. Frivorce! Cash and prizes! Yay - party-time!

Because they can. The current system enables it, encourages it, and lauds them for doing it.

"But BPS! What if he beats me/screws around with other women/whatever other lame exception or excuse I can come up with?"

You and your parents chose wrong. The switch is now locked permanently in the "No" position and you can part your legs, that 500 miles of cock is headed your way at 100 miles per gallon.

For every man out there, your mentality towards women MUST be: Obey or fuck off.

Test her. Constantly. Order her around.

If her choice is always "Yes" then she will obey.

If she does not obey, then her switch is in the "No" position. You are now free to cunt-punt that bitch to the kerb at your leisure. Tool her up a bit. Run it through all the gears, neutral slam it, and leave it where you found it, heading for section 8 housing.

She will obey. Or fuck off. Just don't give her any fornication trophies in the process - especially the ones that cost you $$$$.

Further inspiration for this post, from a skinny and slutty (full-sleeve tats are a giveaway) wimminz down at the park today. I was doing wind-sprints, she was very overtly pointing her tits at me with a big ole admiring look on her face - while her man was right beside her and looking fucking furious.

Heheh. Fuck no. You ain't monkey-branching to me you whore. Man, smack your bitch up.

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