Sunday 10 December 2017

When She Posts A Picture

Someone over on /r/MGTOW (I lost the link) states that there's a vast difference between men taking a picture to show off an object, and a wimminz doing the same:
This is actually wrong.

It's just like those Instagram whores. The picture is all about *her*. Narcissism at it's finest.

For a man, the object is the object of the photograph.

For teh wimminz, teh wimminz is the object of the photograph, and the object is just an excuse to post teh pikchur of teh wimminz. So the "object" should not be labelled as the subject of the photograph - teh wimminz should be labeled as "object", as the subject of the photograph.

Which she is. Just another object. Especially to herself. (Helloooo! Over heeeere! I haz titties! I haz a vagina! etc)

We need to keep this straight in our heads. Teh wimminz (the subject of selfish narcissism) is the real object being displayed here, anything else is just a subframe or subset of that.

Some prior examples from this blog:
Duckface narcissism with a near-corpse in the background.
Landwhale narcissism.
Golddigger narcissism.
Crazy cat-bitch narcissism (poor fuckin' cats, they got the 1,000-yard stare right there).
Kissy duckface narcissism (the one on the left looks haggish, the one on the right looks like a lamprey).
Blubber-bounce narcissism (how that 16 tons can move like that I dunno - crane with the cables photoshopped out?).
Teh sexeh yoga-body lookit-mah-cunt fuck-me narcissism (from PostSecret).

It all adds up to this:
And that's all she wrote.

Not here to bitch about it, we just need to understand it properly (and never forget it). It's all about her and how she feelz.

Usually, it's all banal and childish stuff too. As in, it all adds up to a childish wail for attention:
Which makes it all a massive red-flag that we can be glad of seeing. The ones not showing all this dogshit...those are the ones to watch out for. Those are the fuckers trying to pass themselves off as a NAWALT.

Geeze, a long time since I've used so many pictures. Who'd'a thunk that I had so many perfect examples on here.

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