Thursday 14 December 2017

No Money, No Honey

The old saying: no money, no honey.

At least foreign (non-Western - especially Russian) women are honest about this. For those who've dealt with them, it must be quite the relief. (Personally I've always noted these women as being a pain in the ass anyway - YAWALT - so not really bothered with 'em.)

For the sort of thoughtful man who tends or intends to accumulate wealth, it's worth taking a closer look at this mentality. (Okay, women too - there are a few - good luck finding one of them who is available.)

In the modern society where living paycheck-to-paycheck and spending everything as soon as it comes in is the norm - plus spending more on credit and going into massive debt - a finer nuance of the above comes to mind.

"No money spent on me, no honey for you."

Effectively the oldest profession in bald words: whore.

These days a whore is actually cheaper than a girlfriend, in terms of time/money/sanity costs. Once done, you pay them to go away. Far cheaper than dating, dining, wooing, marrying, and keeping one of the modern whores known as women in your life. One who can spontaneously go whenever she wants, taking 50+% of everything you've ever built up in your life.

Yeah, there are a few women who have sensible mindsets. For them it is: accumulate more money, honey. They're already taken, don't bother looking for that NAWALT.

I found out recently how my Auckland businessman friend can get yet another Russian bride in his life: he doesn't own anything. If she fucks him over, it's all held in trusts, and apparently pretty good ones too (he hasn't been screwed over yet after three divorces).

I still think he's crackers. All that time and money lost, trying to crawl into a hole that he wants to "keep" around. Some people, status symbols, ah well. At least he's keeping something together to pass on to the next generation (his kids by the first whore, and nephews and nieces).

Here's to you buddy. Just don't goddamn slip up, alright? A few million dollars going bye-bye 'cause you screwed up will hurt pretty hard.
Amusing - as I'm about to publish this, there's a post up on Amerika regarding estate taxes and tax reform. In it, the old grasshopper vs ants analogy comes up again, as the masses of fucking worthless poor living hand-to-mouth chow down on the riches that the more thoughtful and prudent attempt to gather together.

Leftist leeches - like Nancy Peloski - need to be thrown into the street to starve. That's the fuckin' shitbag left for you though: they're happy to make it all work by spending every fuckin' cent of your money.

What's mine is mine, what's yours is everyone else's. You didn't make that. (And fuck you too, Obama.)

I especially love this bit:
If you want people to genuinely care less about tomorrow or their children, then by all means take 50% of their net worth via inheritance taxes so they can’t pass it on.
Fucking priceless because it's so obviously true. Fuck the whole load of mealy-mouthed bullshit about "it's for the childreeeeen". Instead: eat, drink and be merry - for tomorrow we'll steal more of your hard-earned sweat so that we can party like it's 1999, and in the process we'll take a piss on your front step and smear our shit all over everything in sight, before we all die.


  1. "No Money, No Honey" is the title of a book based on the same issue that was self-published in Singapore and other SEA countries sometime in the mid 90's.