Tuesday 5 December 2017

Not Just Hairdressers

On my last post, two commentors make a couple of observations. My reply started turning into a post...so here it is.

From Shaun F:
I've been warned about hairdressers. Most guys will inevitably end up with the same type woman - unless they see the error of their ways.
Heed those warnings about hairdressers.

You are correct regarding seeing the error of their ways. Unfortunately my friend has not, so he's now wifing up an extremely useless form of parasite. Worse than his original, by far. Pushing 50, he should fucking-well know better. Can't tell him that though, he's not ready to "unplug" as it were.

Damn. Now I get to see another good man go through a second trainwreck in his life. It's gonna suck.

From I Am Noticing:
Hairdressers are a nightmare. I don't know why. Is it because they are a kind of crazy artist? They've all been liars too... but that's true for every woman.
What is it with hairdressers?
Ah yes, all women are liars. In fact most of society is built upon lies and fakery, with the blood-sweat-and-diesel carefully locked away in the cellar. Don't think too closely about *that*. For if you do...you too might become one of The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas, aka Red Pill/MGTOW, and set yourself up to Enjoy the Decline.

Rather than keeping cupcake in the emotional and physical state to which she feelz entitled.

On the Crazy "as fucking fruit-loops" Scale, hairdressers rate #1 in my book. In fact, they're off the charts - this isn't dialed up to eleven (thank you Spinal Tap), this is to the power of eleven.

On the Crazy Scale, #2 is nurses and female psychologists/counselors.

On the Crazy Scale, #3 is horse chicks.

So how do hairdressers - in fact, not just hairdressers, every female in the beauty industry - manage to achieve #1 by an order of magnitude? As in, in fucking orbit, outta fucking sight, no comparison whatsoever, crazy?

Think about society. Society is gynocentric to a T, despite the claims of the fembots about it being controlled by patriarchal women-hating misogynist men.

These girls are the biggest pushers (as in drug-dealers) in the world, bar none.

The drug is a combination of beauty and narcissistic supply. It's a good one! Socially approved, used daily, cheap to make, expensive to buy - every woman *needs* this drug to function in society on a daily basis. Running out - or having it failing - causes "tragic" mental/emotional consequences.

The poor, poor darling!

Never mind that continued use of this drug on a daily basis generally destroys her skin, her hair, and along with those her long-term looks. Never mind that, at all. Short term is all that matters to the user of the drug.

(An aside, think about MakeApp. It destroys that makeup-fakeup drug. This is why it draws such vitriolic hatred from damn near every female.)

How does this make a hairdresser or beautician type a #1 on the Crazy Scale?

The beauty industry is a lie. The fashion industry is a lie. Ditto for movies, advertising, modelling, etc. All lies designed to sell the consumer (women and men both) a product. A product known as sex, with beauty being the overt surface. In the process, fattening the wallet of the producer of the product.

A hairdresser/beautician knows (very intimately!) the value of the drug/product that they are pushing. Beauty and sex. They live by it in the form of $$$$ gained, and use it in the form of products as personal advertising. In fact, they have to live it intimately: I have never seen a fat, slovenly, ugly hairdresser or beautician. They'd starve. They have to know starkly the value of the beauty that they push and so they personally use their drug religiously.

This is why they are always done up to the nines.

The drug includes such things as: manicures, pedicures, facials, body peels, soaking in mud, soaking in honey, aromatherapy, relaxation, massage, various forms of pampering, etc. Oil of olay, goop that includes stem cells from the foreskins of male babies, something that includes "pearls of beauty" (whatever the fuck that is supposed to be - is that like homeopathy, one part per billion? one molecule per highly-priced jar?).

Scents: CK One, Fire and Ice, Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Diamond, etc - made from ambergris, shit out from (and possibly barfed up by) sick whales. (Value: about US$10k per pound, though you're more likely to find small lumps of an ounce or two on the beach.)

Makeup is a goodie: base (moisturizer - specially for the crows-feet), foundation (two shades blended together), concealer (both for spots and the bags under the eyes), highlight/contour/blush, lids (brows and liner and finishing with eyeshadow), lashes (curling and mascara - often with liner to the inner rim of the eyes - which makes my eyes water imagining it), powder (possibly including another powder blush and contour layer), lips (lipstick then lip liner then lipstick again - maybe gloss as well for the final touch).

Quite a lot of that shit has SPF30+ sunscreen in it. Can't have those nasty UV rayz screwing up your skin, babe.

The hair adds emphasis to the face. Loose framing, a touch of coy hiding, pulled up for the young'n'naive girl look, long for the full sexual/sensual effect, the wet look, the slightly frizzy "it just dried naturally" look, the hairsprayed-solid "full metal helmet" look, etc.

The various "natural" dyes and colors. Going blonde. The fucked-up-shit unnatural colors that certain types of wimminz luv luv luv to put on (displaying their insanity). Other stuff used: texturizer, styling mousse, curl enhancers/definers, styling wax, styling gel, pomade, heat protection sprays, hairspray, serum, and shine spray. Add to that fifteen different forms of heat-based hairdryer, curler, straightener, etc etc ad-fucking-nauseum.

You can tell that I was fuckin' married, can't you. Even so, I added several homo-suspicion points with that lot.

Here's some extra fun: when you go to a more upmarket hotel, check out the bathroom. A couple of sachets of makeup remover and a black facecloth embroidered with the word "makeup" - because taking all that shit off permanently stains the linens, so you might as well use a brown or black facecloth so that it doesn't show.

A girl gets real practiced at doing this daily, it can take her about 15-20 minutes. Longer of course if she's making a shitload of effort to do something special (or deliberately fucking you around and making you wait). Sometimes though, she just wants a professional makeover. Cue the beautician and hairdresser (though often, the hairdresser is more of a weekly to monthly thing anyway for the girls who want a gossip-session combined with being too damn lazy to make that effort themselves).

Now, for beauticians and hairdressers to push a drug that hard - one which screws up their own skin and hair as well as everyone else's - requires an exceptional level of hamsterbation and female doublethink. A level which really fucks with your mind.

As I Am Noticing asked: "Is it because they are a kind of crazy artist?" Yes. The craziest of artists, having to make "so-so" and "meh" look stunning, pushing the biggest drug in the world.

Being such heavy users of it themselves, their narcissistic index is way off the charts too. Again, sky-high and in orbit.

I have literally had a hairdresser say to me: "I only hang out with the cool crowd". Self-centered, self-entitled, narcissism to the max. Of course, I'm not in that crowd, being a pleasantly-ugly man at best. (Which is weird, because I've known in passing quite a few from that crowd - probably they thought of me as an orbiter type, useful for $$$$, and surprised when they got nothing from me beyond a "hello".)

Recently, I've had a beautician chick trying to spark me (last couple of months) Christ knows why, I'm built like a brick shithouse, not a pretty-boy. She's Taiwanese, textbook skinny instagram whore with the "amazing" lifestyle, looks 20, is actually 35, and has acknowledged in the past that she makes poor decisions in life. (Heavy smoker and drinker in her youth, broke up with "abusive" hubby - aren't they all! - been on the party-circuit again and drinking heavily, now stopping and doing her best to remain sober.)

I shut her down by describing my last couple of weeks of hiking/tramping holiday: "not showering for 4 days, jumping into the ocean for a swim/bath - if you came along with me you'd be smelly, have no makeup, hair a mess, a terrible situation for a girl". She's now back to her usual social media posts of "why are people so prejudiced against beautiful people?" type of thing.

Hilarious. It's the narcissism garbage. Which is why the desperate mooing and bleating about being beautiful - lookin' for that White Knight. AKA she's a spoiled worthless narcissistic whore with a bigger N-count than I've had hot dinners in the past year. This is not helped by men in her FaceCrap posting (literal) comments like "so beautiful" and similar pandering horseshit. (Guys, stop pulling your limp dick out to show it to her - grow a fuckin' spine along with some sense.)

The most amusing thing in my book, though - I've seen hairdressers and beauticians really hit the wall hard. For them, it's like that wall is stainless steel and they faceplant cold into it. You can tell when they start having to use so much makeup that it's visible in dimly-lit nightclubs and bars. You can tell when you can smell the product in their hair from feet away.

Which is hilarious in a twisted way - the shit on their face fucks their skin up so bad, the shit in their hair wrecks it so bad, they need more'n'more of it. (Deliberate, on the part of makeup and hair companies? I'm personally bloody certain of it.)

Just like a drug.

Gentlemen, drink 'em if you got 'em. I'm going to have a small glass of Grand Marnier to wash down the delicious taste of schadenfreude.


  1. Holy. Shit. You JUST described my last (and only since the divorce) G/F... I thought I 'scored' in that she was same age as me, (47, looks 30) was supportive, gorgeous and helped me thru my divorce... Flighty, narcissistic, but somewhat caring (so I thought...) She monkeybranched on me this past week, so I curbed her ass. Called her bluff and posted on Farcebook that we were thru publically so she couldn't worm her way out of it... and the sad part is as Red Pill as I am, I still -bought- into "the puzzy" b/c it was the first LTR since my marriage shit the bed... her hypergamy was always present, but I kept a handle on it until I recently became unemployed... No great loss tho... I'm keeping 'frame' and rolling... Now, onto the next one LOL

    1. Hiya BigCountryExpat. Glad to hear that you dodged that bullet. (Isn't it strange, how sudden crises like unemployment trigger that kind of stuff? Nah...they're not after our money at all...we're not just an ATM to the wimminz... /sarcasm)

      Have fun playing around, just always remember: AWALT! Because any NAWALT's are already in long-term stable relationships and marriages and are not available.

  2. I agree with number #2, counsellors as being crazy.

    But the race for crazy is neck and neck man.

    The whole mental health, addiction culture in Canada is completely riddled with women with certificates for drug counselling from whatever college. And they are nuts. A bit of power and authority over some man with a drinking problem - you can imagine how that goes.

    Then there are female government workers, and lawyers. Oh man..it is crazy train city.

    1. Except counsellors/nurses (and even horse-chicks) can be fatties and still function with various work, which hairdressers/beauticians cannot. This is what makes me put the latter as #1 outta-sight.

      I have heard that Canada is a special level of crazy overall, though I'm not certain why. The feminist/socialist society?

      Same shit in America, know a chick over there who is a nympho. She took special training to become a "couples therapist" - aka sex counsellor, aka telling the woman "it's his fault, go out and fuck who you want, you go girl".

      The counsellors here in NZ are also crazy. Don't know about drugs though - probably similar.

  3. BPS - Yes Canada is special crazy. Where does one start? OK we have fat hairdressers - it's true. The market is so female saturated, where I live, they can at least have a chair. Stay-sea is one I do remember - specifically. (That is how she spelled her name. With regards to beauticians - at least at the downtown street level - its mostly Asians - Chinese and other.

    Also many female vets - don't know any personally - but with the pet replacing the baby - it's a new service that didn't exist to my knowledge 30 years ago. At least not as pronounced as it is currently.

    1. Fat hairdressers. Holy Moses. Yeah that is a special crazy for you poor sods.

      Stacy, lol - a chick at the gym I go to (real name). She's a beautician on 'roids. Lots of 'roids. Skinny-wimminz-muscled type.

      Female vets, hmmm? That is a very interesting observation there man. You're right, it always used to be men (apart from the receptionists).

    2. Thinking about it, I do live in beach-babe central. There might be fatties doing hairdressing in the shithole areas of Auckland, for example.