Sunday 3 December 2017

Congratulations remarried a fuckin' hairdresser.

Both amusing and fuckin' appalling.

Alright, this is a bloke that I've known for six-odd years. He split up with his wife of 20 years something like 5 years ago - because she was an alcoholic with zero impulse-control.

Apologies. I meant to say "she just happened to fall on all those cocks, she swears it, it must be true".

At least mine wasn't one of those cocks. Though she made a great try for it. Funny how I always ended up with the hot-as blue-eyed blondes chasing me. (Though given that I've got green eyes, maybe not quite so unexpected, hahaha. I even used to be somewhat blonde as a young'n, and still have somewhat mousy-blonde hair that's turning grey. Bah. Older, darker, wiser.)

Back to him. Congratulations. You got rid of alcoholic-stupid and went straight to fucking crazy. (With a couple other flavors of crazy in between, before wising up and dumping them.) Now you're compounding your personal stupidity by putting a ring on that crazy.

And she's a professional fuckin' liar to boot, one who makes other women look "beautiful".

Lap it up, man. Pushing 50 and still ruled by your cock. And I thought that I was bad, still being a horny bastard at 51.

Just get MakeApp and run her through it. Believe me, I've just done it, she doesn't look that great.

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price. Now time for some Grand Marnier on ice to wash down this dose of nasty black poison.


  1. I've been warned about hairdressers. Most guys will inevitably end up with the same type woman - unless they see the error of their ways.

  2. Hairdressers are a nightmare. I don't know why. Is it because they are a kind of crazy artist? They've all been liars too... but that's true for every woman.

    What is it with hairdressers?

  3. You know, this reply is turning into a full post. I'll make it one for you both.