Monday, 27 November 2017

Damned Are The Retards

For they will never improve, or attempt to improve, or ever achieve anything resembling improvement. They are incapable of being anything other than being retarded.

This is deeper and sadder than is immediately obvious. Especially, it has social implications that escapes 90% of humanity.

Retarded people are "merely content".

Content with eating, fucking, getting drunk/wasted, pumping out several kiddies (some single mommies using said kiddies as an income stream). Repeat cycle generationally.


Outbreeding the "more driven". Those who desire a deeper meaning to life, for something more than the next meal/sexual conquest/high.

Welcome to the documentary/instruction manual known colloquially as "Idiocracy".

Even some of the driven are missing something on a deeper level. Something that we can't name.

Brett Stevens over on Amerika calls it a "civilisational purpose" or goal. He writes of a drive towards excellence.

Uncle Bob, bless his soul (which from an agnostic like me is likely a blasphemy by itself), used to call it "arĂȘte" - also a desire for excellence.

Excellence and standards, MIA in our society and mindset.

As I learn more about people, I become more and more a misanthrope - someone who despises people on the whole.

Sure, there are a few good people who I enjoy the company of. The rest? It wouldn't bother me if 80% of them were killed off. (Chances are high that I'd be in that 80%, too.)

Got into a conversation with an older man, we were talking about how stupid the younger generation is these days. Even with basic English language, something that everyone is brought up learning. (Shit, I struggle with that at times too.) Spelling and pronunciation of some words: "aluminum" vs "aluminium" for example. Color vs colour, armor vs armour, you get the picture. Americanised vs British English, effectively - nothing wrong with the two.

We got to talking about some plurals - some of which don't end in "s". You can only determine plural in context.

Him: "I'm waiting to see people spelling and saying sheeps."

Me: "I hope that I never see that. It would make me think that it's time for a culling."

Him: "Prepare to be disappointed..."

Me: "Oh God, don't get me started..."

The talking wandered to other things, yet that stuck in my mind. We are long, long overdue another culling. A removal of the weak, genetically-deficient, and parasitical from our species.

Maybe the decline of our Western civilisation is an inner preparation for the culling.  I don't know...I simply wonder how much longer we can continue to feed upon ourselves before Atlas shrugs and the whole house of cards falls down.

Perhaps that can be avoided. With Trump in America, it looks as if they are at least attempting to throw off the parasites. Difficult to tell with the biased leftist media making mountains out of molehills whenever Trump takes a misstep...while at the same time burying everything that he does right, minimising his reported successes.

Currently, we give everybody their daily dose of soma and leave them to continue their meaningless lives. Birds, booze, drugs, sports, whatever... ("Bird" is NZ slang for women. In Aussie, "sheila" means the same thing.)

Weird, while I like and support the general idea of Aaron Clarey's "Enjoy the Decline" - I find that I'm not able to be a parasite off the current system. I can't even comprehend how people can live like that. (Welfare queens...six kids..."it's for the childreeeeeen"...bleh.)

I don't know if it's personal pride, or if it's ultimately something to do with striving to be better than the general herd of retards out there.

Maybe that's why I couldn't really go hardcore down the PUA track. It smacks so much of dragging yourself down into the slop, just so you can be #21 (or #51, or #301) to drop a fuck into her various holes. A basic lack of dignity? Retardism at its finest? Who the definitions of BoneCrkr, Omega men, the behaviour of the criminal scum class...

As I think about society in general, I begin to think more and more of the old aristocracy. Brett Stevens writing on Amerika is right: that was the way things ended up being structured, because that was the way things are in the real world.

• the lowest class, filled with retards - these people are nothing more than grunt labour and criminal scum

• the middle class, more driven - these people are artisans, shopkeepers, the types who build and keep a civilisation going

• the upper class, the aristocrats - these people provide the real long-term thinking, the vision, who (should) know what works best, who limit the stupidities and encourage the excellent

Then some discontented and jealous nincompoop (aka fucktard) decides that a revolution is in order so that they can get ahead. They organise a "change of leadership", aka "jobs for the boys", aka sawing the bottom off the ladder and nailing it to the top.

End result is what we have now: the grunt labour retards are "in charge", while the more parasitical members of the middle class are having a field day as they grow rich off the retards. In the meantime there's nothing stopping the whole herd of stupidity from crapping over everything in sight and saying that it's "good" to destroy everything in sight instead of making sure that there's something kept for the future and future generations...

Oh yeah, definitely for the childreeeeen...

Me, I'd be happy to be middle-class and helping to prop it all up. Which I am anyway, and pleased of that much, given that I started life from low-class criminal dregs in the retard gene could have been a helluva lot worse...

This particularly bleak look through Crap Colored Glasses brought to you via a week of philosophical musings and conversations and personal soul-searching while tramping through the Far North, enjoying sunrises and sunsets and stars and getting sunburned and rained on, as #pizzagate starts to boil over with allegations that we are "ruled" by pedophiles and sexual deviants.

Boy, some'a them parasites really went whole-hog didn't they...

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