Sunday 12 November 2017

Coddled to Death

I sometimes think that we have made a society that is "too safe".

This is a damned crazy statement on the surface.

Yet, so is teh wimminz and leftists insistence on safe spaces and the like - walls around themselves, which if you breach you invite insane behavior to repel you. Further, when they come out from those walls, they want to bring the walls with them - thus the insistence on having things their way, and going batshit insane when things don't.

Sensible people avoid the crazies as much as possible, since reality no longer kills them off for exhibiting such insane life- and reality-denying behavior. Which our avoidance is actually fine by these crazy motherfuckers. Us avoiding them means (in their mind) that they've "won", which validates their insanity and encourages them to produce more.

Think of it as a socially-inspired land-grab by the insane, causing what might be called the "white flight" of the sane away from them.

Vox Day was not kidding when he wrote that SJWs always lie. He falls far short in his thinking, though. They're not "lying". They're insane. They are brainwashed to the point of being mentally crippled, defective, incapable of accepting reality. Which is why these lunatics always double-down on the stupidity. Reality is a direct and ultimate threat to these lunatics world-view. For anybody, when your world-view is threatened you tend to fight to protect it.

This draws parallels with our so-called "blue pill" vs "red pill" for world-view vs reality. Some people accept the red pill and thus accept reality. (Or what we say is reality. Is it really? Personally I'll accept it as a fucksight better working map of reality than the blue-pill mindset.) Some people reject the red pill of reality and double-down on their world-view of insanity. Blue pill cucks who get married the second, third, fourth single mommies...

When it comes to feminists, leftists, SJWs, marxists, etc - the rest of us are forced to retreat in a state of shock from this lunacy.

By this measure the world (Western Society) is insane. The stupids and crazies are in charge. All that we can do is hunker down, weather the storm, hope and do our best to make sure that there's something worthwhile left once it all has eventually collapsed and burned.

Yes, it may be changing, with Donald Trump and all out there. Draining the swamp, making America great again, etc etc. I'm not banking on it. I'm preparing for things to get worse - Trump can still be taken out by a bullet, just like JFK, assuming that he's so effective a leader that they want to get rid of him that badly.

By preparing for worse, the chances are that I might actually end up pleasantly surprised.

Going back to the safety biz. Curiously, it is teh wimminz who want safety and ease so much - then seem incapable of enjoying it once their men have provided.

Something deep in people's lizard-brain can't handle being disconnected from reality and life to this degree. Too much ease, too much laziness, and it starts going around in circles biting itself in the middle of the back. Just like Agent Smith stated in The Matrix:
Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost.
Some believed we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from. Which is why the Matrix was redesigned to this: the peak of your civilization.
For 2 million years, humanity has struggled on this planet. Clawing our way up on the path from scavenger, to gatherer, hunter, stone age, agriculture, copper age, bronze age, iron age, steam age, what might be called the oil age, the transistor age, computer age, nuclear age. Onwards to the nanotech age, biology age, true space age (colonizing our solar system), perhaps eventually the star age (depending on the energies required), etc.

Only in the last hundred or so years have we gotten to the point where the lowest levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs has been automatically satisfied for even the poorest levels of Western Society. Physiological needs (air, food, water, shelter) and Safety needs (security, health and well-being, safety-nets for emergencies).

As far as societies go though, we don't seem to manage to get past this "point of ease". At least, none of the societies that we know of have managed it in the past 10,000 years. Looking at history, a good number of the societies which collapsed (not via resource exhaustion or changes in weather-patterns) did what we're doing: ease leads to relaxing standards (including standards of comportment for both men and women) and then socially we go down the toilet to an inevitable collapse.

Something about a surfeit at the bottom levels of Maslow's Hierarchy makes it impossible - or perhaps poisons? - the next two levels: Love and Belonging, and Esteem. Which is a possible reason why we have the divorce epidemic with multiple Russian brides going on, plus the narcissism index off the charts.

For men, it's easier to deal with. We get restless, we go out and do something. Build something, do some hiking, adventure stuff like base jumping, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. We do something of personal value, or it puts us back into touch with nature and our natural selves. Even so, once we're successful, we can get into some weird-ass states of mind. Once you've achieved everything you want to - what next? Sometimes, the "what next?" has no answer and involves suicide...

Women don't have that outlet for energy. Thus, the crazed urge for horseshit and drama. This behavior being also exhibited by the low-estrogen pussies who follow them around, like pajamaboy and similar leftist/SJW/antifa types.

And that seems to be a large part of what is currently tearing apart Western Society.

Worse though, we can't get to the next stages: Self-Actualization and Self-Transcendence. Our society is being held back and torn apart, we as individuals are being held back and torn apart. There is no "goal" at the present - as a society, over 2 million years, we've not progressed that far - and being goalless, we fall into paying attention to stupid shit like the Karcrapdians and Mz "Show us your dick Bruce!" Jenner.

We've made things too safe at the most basic of levels.

The earlier struggles of basic survival prepared us for the next struggles of security, stability, and safety. Those shared struggles helped a man-and-woman to knit things together as a family. Success gave us esteem in our own eyes and that of others, and society as a whole - which benefited immensely in the process. People struggled further to achieve their "best self", becoming as fully-actualized as possible. Eventually, we transcended that and gave back to society as a whole, improving the lot of generations to come - not just our own families.

These days we are soft, wrapped in cotton wool, to the point where it is killing us.

There is no struggle, no sense of achievement, for the most basic necessities in life. Without that struggle, without that sense of achievement, we cannot then graduate to the next struggle and achievement. We don't have the basic guts and mindset required.

Humorously, this is why Aaron Clarey despises the Millennials. Us Gen-Xers aren't so hot, but those kids - fuckin' parasites from the womb. They just sit there suckin' their thumbs and waiting for the next handout. Ironically, this is because the stupid bastards of the Boomers and my generation doubled-down on the free-shit mentality - and that's all she wrote.

Sheeeit. Fucked and coddled to death.

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