Thursday 2 November 2017

Basically Unattractive

Some thoughts on the boner killer...

You see some skinny, nerdy man wandering around with a landwhale.

Your thoughts might go along the lines of: "Dude, you can do so much better looks-wise!"


It isn't that he can't do better. He probably could. If he could handle the stupid shit and generic retardedness.

I have had so many experiences where I've basically turned down sex with some fairly decent-looking girls.

I'm not talking 10's - I've never run across a 10 in my life, so far as I can tell. To me, for a girl to be a 10 requires a decent personality and a little smarts. As I think various people have stated over the years:

* hotter the looks

* higher the entitlement

* lower the intelligence

* crappier the personality

When I state "crappy personality" - any attractive woman can be nice as pie when things are going her way, when she's getting the attention that she thinks she's entitled to, etc. When the spokes come off the wheels and she flips her shit, that's when the rubber has really met the road and you have learned exactly what her personality is like.

It's called reality, cunt. It's a bitch, just like life being a bitch as you get haggard when you get older and your youth of alcohol, fucking, and smoking like a chimney really shines through. Beauty really is skin deep, and your skin has gone to hell and back. It got branded a few dozen times on the way too.

Back to nerdy guys. They may be like me.

Looks: Hooo boy! I'm'a up that like a rat up a drainpipe!

Opens her mouth: *wilt*

It's a different take on it. Whether it's accurate? Fucked if I know.

All that I know is that I've never really been able to get the hots for the overtly selfish, entitled, crazy types. Which is probably how I got blindsided by a well-concealed BPD/NPD type.

That chameleon aka NAWALT fooled me.


  1. Most women don't even care enough to understand basic male biology in terms of arousal and orgasm. They just expect it to magically happen all on its own independently of her. Every time I have ever rejected a woman comes down to the fact she could not get my dick hard for her because she really did not put much effort into it. Whereas I can easily get it up and get off to a porn slut with no problems.