Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Peak Retard

Looking at the world at large, you might be forgiven for thinking that we have achieved Peak Retard™.

After all, the retards are in charge, right?

Where I work, the CEO is basically like this (yes he comes to work in a car with tyres that are worth $3k apiece - and he has 2-3 mistresses in different parts of New Zealand):
Go ahead, give the screw another turn. I can fucking take it.

Here in New Zealand, the Labour Communist Party is running the show. Then whines when the National Party refuses to play ball politically.
Bitch, please. You might be a Helen Clark clone, with those big fuckin' snaggly teeth and all, but the U-fuckin'-N position is a decade away yet.

Of course, we have the usual dysfunctional skanks and hoes proclaiming that they don't need no man, are strong and independent, give the world (especially men) the finger, and then have a pity-me whine about where are all the good men.
I can hear that vagina drying out, crinkling like cellophane. Hilarious dose of sand-bucket occurring right there.

There are the half-bright asshats of Antifa doing their version of helter-skelter across the now-semi-civilized USA. Where even the freaking professors in Academia go and beat someone up with a bicycle chain lock and expect to get away with it.
How supposedly intelligent people can be so moronic - fuck, I'm at a loss.

Women who flip off the Presidential vehicles - multiple times - and brag about it to the world.
No, sweetheart. They shouldn't have fired you. Yes, they are fuckin' sexist motherfuckin' pigs for doing that. How dare they! You have the right!

Of course there is our constant cultural enrichment, with the fervent encouragement of the leftist and feminist crazies crying and begging for some serious "diversity".
Please, take my goat. It's a virgin. Just sayin'.

Awww, I almost forgot. Mass murder is *good* when done by an oppressed minority, like driving a truck into a crowd of pedestrians and cyclists. Remember children: white men are responsible for every single evil in the world, all throughout history, have never suffered, and are the biggest upholders of patriarchal hatred and race-crimes ever.
Yes, I know your daddy was white. You're white too. You should cut your own throat out of shame, kid.

With all this, you think we have achieved Peak Retard™?

No. Nowhere near. There's a long, long way to go yet.

Probably longer than my lifetime.

"The Market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."

"Society can get crazier and crazier longer than you will survive."

When it goes *pop* - what then?

Fuck knows. I won't be around to see it. Possibly, neither will a good number of you.

In the meantime, we just have to keep it on the down-low. There's no need for us to get caught up in the gears of slavery. We have, and we take, the choice of opting out. Stay away from the plantation, enjoy the trail, catch some fish, and watch the stars.

Good luck, my brothers.


  1. idiocracy was a documentary: