Wednesday 5 April 2017

Prostitute Analysis

I've seen and heard of quite a few girls getting into "difficulty" (it's kinda hard to pay the bills when you're enough of a bitch to drive even the most love/lust-drunk man away). A few seem to be drifting into the casual prostitution arena. So here's a (very rough) analysis of the $$$ involved for her to make ends meet, plus the other non-$$$ costs of being a whore.

Professional prostitute, very rough income and expenditures:

* $150 for 1 hour of sex
* $-50 to the government in the form of taxes
* $-50 to the whorehouse you hang your shingle up in

150 - 50 - 50 = $50 cash in hand per hour

To make ends meet you probably need $750 a week cash in hand. That becomes:

750 / 50 = 15 customers a week

Of course, most of this isn't going to be in the normal 40-hour work-week. You are going to be working weeknights and weekends. You are probably going to get no more than 1 customer a night, perhaps 2 on occasion. The rest are on the weekend which means you have to be available at all times, even though you might not get a customer for several hours straight.

That means: 15-30 minutes travel time, 1 hour with a customer, 15-30 minutes travel time, and finally 15 minutes to clean yourself up. You can probably expect 2 hours of time per customer.

$50 per customer / 2 hours = $25 an hour

Because you are working weeknights and weekends, you don't get to socialize with "normal" people. You socialize with other sex-workers and low-lives and hospitality workers. You're competing with the local freely-available sluts and the whores using Tinder. (Call it "whorefinder" - as good a name as any.)

BTW if you have children, you need a minder - one that you usually have to pay. That comes out of your take-home $$$.

Casual "whorefinder" prostitute, very rough income and expenditures:

* $50 for 1 hour of sex
* $0 to the government in the form of taxes
* $0 to a whorehouse

The time taken is the same, so they get paid roughly the same: $25 an hour.

Now, your casual "whorefinder" prostitute - or just the opportunistic little slut who propositions a man for a few bucks so they can have a good night on the town - may not seem like much. They have some things going for them though:

* they are young (generally about 16-20, probably some "18yo" 14+yo's as well)
* they have no expenses (at least, until they get preggers)
* there are a LOT of them
* they drive down the price of sex for the professional prostitute

They also have disadvantages over the professional prostitute:

* nobody knows where they are (if things go wrong)
* nobody is checking them for STDs (the whorehouse generally insists and pays for this)
* they're generally stupid enough to have sex without protection

(Future single mommy and breeding-ground for every STD under the sun, you betcha. I do not recommend going for the casual "whorefinder" type. You're really asking for trouble. As Popp would say, a jab in the butt with unicorn blood and a harsh talking-to from your doctor.)

There you have it, all you wimminz. The grim reality of being a prostitute: 15+ customers (aka different men fucking you) a week, at $50 per fuck, you don't have a lotta choice on quality if you need the $$$ bad, you have to get checked for STDs regularly, you have competition from the sub-20yo crowd, children are very awkward to deal with, no real social life (certainly not with ordinary wimminz), and what's the chances of getting married etc to a good man if that's your fantasy?

Men, if you must bust a nut in a woman stick with the $200+ professionals. Less hassle and risks than the "whorefinder" lot and the general quality is going to be better.

Every soccer-mom wants to be a whore. Every whore wants to be a soccer-mom.

Wimminz, the choice is yours. You can pretend to be pleasant and happy and accomodating to 15+ horny men a week (looks and quality varies). Or you can genuinely be pleasant and happy and bring up a family and be God-damned grateful for the one man who keeps you all going - and not having to suck the cock and spread your legs for 60+ different men each month. (It gets worse if you're older.)

Women, if you must be a whore, then be a downright filthy whore for your husband. It's a much better lifestyle - be careful not to detonate it, or you might find yourself as a real and more desperate whore.

A bleak look at the realities of prostitution, brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.


  1. Here in Oz, in the places where prostitution is legal, the numbers are a little different.

    An hour of sex is $200. Maybe more these days.

    You can work from your own premises, no need to pay the house half. This means expenses - laundry in particular. But nowhere near half your take

    If you work from home and not in a brothel, the taxman has no idea how much you make. It's a cash business. And you can claim all sorts of things on tax - same as any home business.

    With a good accountant, hooking from home legally (well, aside from the tax evasion) is a decent income. Why don't more women do it? Because it's harder than it looks. You have to have a certain emotional maturity. You have to have premises where you live alone. You have to treat it like a business - advertise, do the books.

    Most of all, you have to be reasonably good at sex. If you aren't, you don't get repeat business and repeat business is everything because there's actually a limited number of men who visit prostitutes. And a lot of women out there aren't really all that good in bed.

    1. Yes, the better ones get to charge more.

      Thinking about it, the basic $ hasn't really changed in the past 20-odd years. About the same, which is in the $150-160 range.

      You bring up an interesting point about maturity. Most of the ones that I've known of have been quite the mess - not that I've run across any of the high-class ones.

  2. I would rather rub one out and keep my money. Plus you don't have to put up with the crazy vagina or its brain dead carrier.