Friday 28 April 2017

Consensual Suicide

In the same vein as an earlier post, I basically think that Leftism has dragged Western civilization into the full-on drama-throes of a mutual suicide-pact.

What else can you think of a group who are very overtly hell-bent-for-leather on importing every piece of scum that they can? Scum who have 100% proved that they are very happy to steal everything in sight, smash everything in sight, rape everything in sight (including animals and dead bodies), and then laugh in your face and tell you that you can't do anything about it?

Here's the map for Germany. Of course, it's bad form to point this out to the retards.

Of course, if we point this out to the suicidal who are doing this - we get screamed at, spat on, hated with a frothing and dribbling insane rage that is flat-out astounding to the sane.

The thing is, a large proportion of the West wants to die.

They want to go over the edge into extinction.

Modern life is so astoundingly meaningless and empty (yay I haz a new handbag! pathetic) that these people have checked out to the point just short of overtly cutting their own throats.

So now the rest of us are stuck watching them throwing themselves over a cliff like a bunch of lemmings, and frantically hanging on to something so that we're not dragged along with the tide.

Hold on tight. Perhaps we can ride the insanity out, let them extinguish themselves, and keep something of worth alive.

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