Sunday 2 April 2017

Media Going Full Retard About MGTOW

So I've run across this:

First men, now boys, are 'Going Their Own Way'

To which I would reply, but - of course! - you must signin to their site. No thank you. I prefer to remain relatively anonymous.

So I will reply here:
The real divorce rates out here in the real world:
50% of all marriages fail in the first year.
93.4% of all marriages fail within 10 years.
This is the first marriage. Second, third, etc marriages the statistics are worse.
Source: - their cited source is the CDC, National Survey of Family Growth. Date for the source of their data: September 1, 2016. You have to look at it and do a little lateral thinking. Because it's not baldly stated as failures - the Statistic Brain people actually state that there is a "6.6% chance that a first marriage will survive 10 years". So you have to think for a moment to realize that if only 6.6% of marriages survive, that means that the remaining 93.4% of marriages will fail. Which these days means it ends in divorce.
There is your effective communication and genuine care for young boys. There is the first bit of information that every child of both sexes should learn. There is your focus on having respect for other human beings. There is the modern version of give and take: the divorced man gives, the divorced woman takes. The lawyers also take. The rest of society prefers to sweep the problem under the carpet.
Nothing happening here, move along, lalala I don't see anything - like the three "wise" monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
Substitute "painful truth" for "evil" and you have a more accurate rendition of reality. The monkeys are not wise, they are chickenshit.
Telling children that "it’s about learning to communicate effectively and genuine caring" - you are being ironically humorous. It takes only one to detonate a marriage, it takes two working hard to make it work. If one person can destroy it with no immediate repercussions, and the lawyers are happy to help the process along, then the behavior starts to spread. Why not, it's being encouraged.
The teenagers are seeing with their own eyes what happens. They can feel it in their own guts as what should be a loving and warm place of nurturing and growth turns into a battleground. As what should be a loving relationship turns into a painful breakup. They walk out of that, wondering what is going on. What they have been told is lies, what they are being told "should be" is obviously wrong, they have seen or experienced differently. The shell-shocked often turn to criminal activity - research it and report on it honestly, if you dare. (You may lose your job. Three "wise" monkeys.)
Now go away. All of you. Do not come back until you have full knowledge and acknowledgement of the problem and a working solution to this social disease. A solution that will last while humanity exists (millions of years at least, hopefully).
News outlets. Full retard at their finest - pap-filled non-solutions about "communication" - no wonder people call them "fake news". All they can spout is the "party line" upon fear of being fired.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent2 April 2017 at 10:37

    "We have a younger generation who are chaotic and rudderless; they have no role models, no mentors and no sense of where they fit into society."

    She sees the leaves, but cannot fathom the root. She spouts that sentence and focuses on the lack of mentors, instead of the disappearance of proper social roles for men and women. I'll guarantee this bitch thinks "equality" is a great idea. Leftism truly is a mental disease.

    1. See no reality, hear no reality, speak no reality.

      I wonder if she's divorced?

  2. Boys have been going their own way ever since they have been told all their lives that they are all potential rapists and that their sex drives are evil and girls can do no wrong.

    1. You can see the mentality of "it's men's fault" all through that piece of hers. No calling out the girls to be worthwhile. Instead concentrating on the boys calling it quits - not the slightest hint of a question or thought as to why.

      Not the slightest hint of a brain.