Tuesday 25 April 2017


I've always been somewhat torn between amusement and facepalm groaning at the complete fucking stupidity of all the people who buy into the LGBTQ-whatever and 72 flavors of sexual retardedness that goes on out there these days. Thank you, academia.

Which is funny, because recently I heard of someone who basically screwed up their thesis on LGBTQ-whatever so thoroughly that even academia was seriously thinking of throwing it out. Given how hypersensitive academia is about this, and how they lap up the runny shit of anything dealing with it, you have to basically figure that it was a massive screw-up.


The best part, though, is still the warped thinking about all this that's going on out there. As I believe certain people have stated, there is:




So these retards in academia and femicuntism get it 110% wrong when they go on and on about different "sexes". No, it's different sexual preferences.

I think it was Terrence Popp who said something along the lines of: "If you're burned to a crispy crittur in a fire, and they look at the corpse, what do they see? Plumbing: 'This one's a woman, this one's a man.'"

Never mind. The stupidity will not-breed itself out of existence, along with the retarded ones who are easily brainwashed into believing this type of shit.

Both ways, evolution is removing the unfit.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent25 April 2017 at 13:13

    We just hired a guy at my work who is, dare I say....different. Men's clothing, but wears makeup, lipstick and bows in his hair. The kicker is he doesn't look at all happy. Methinks most of these people do it for the attention. The millennial soul, en masse, is definitely broken.

    1. It's the only attention (and personal power) that many people get.

      Trannies are men who on the whole are attempting to snare a small portion of teh wimminz power by becoming a woman.