Wednesday 12 April 2017

Laziness vs Insanity

I ran across a thread on /r/MGTOW about a man who swore he would never work with women again. Reading his horror-story (and similar from the various commentors) I can totally understand it. I've noticed it myself, where the stinking admin team (and the finance team) where I work is infested with these pieces of whining shit. (See my post on "She wants to be stupid" for an example.)

To be blunt, women are a cancer in the workplace. If every woman was summarily kicked out of the workplace there are plenty of men who would be happy to step up to the plate and do worthwhile work there. It would also save a lot of wasted time and effort for the businesses involved.

Since that's not going to happen, men who avoid these types of workplaces are doing their bit to destroy the companies involved. This is a good thing. Do your best to enhance that decline and collapse of the unfit.

From a higher level, looking over the workplace and social landscape, I see:

Laziness: The expectation that others will do all the work for you.

Insanity: The expectation that lazy people will change.

Neither is true. Thank God!

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