Monday 3 April 2017

She Prefers To Be Stupid

So a few days ago at work, I got to talking with one of the girls in admin. Blah blah blah life blah blah blah you get the picture.

So she reveals something: she actually went to university as a STEM major (in fact, electrical engineering).

Being a curious idjit I have to ask: Why is she doing admin grunt-work?

Her: She doesn't want to use her brain.

Which kinda floored me at the time. (Of course. When I think of things, I think as a man - if it's something I enjoy, something I'm good at, and it makes good money - do it!)

So a few more questions come out, it turns out that she was employed elsewhere where she had to use her brain. She didn't like it. (Part of what she didn't like was the responsibility involved, too. Being in charge isn't fun if the buck stops there when you screw up. And when there's nobody else to blame your screw-ups on.)

She then reveals: She much prefers where she is now, in the local admin team. It's more social than where she was before! (She was the only chick.)

I know that she has no boyfriend, though I always act as if she does. I seriously doubt that she will ever get one - imagine the student loan debt she has racked up. She sure isn't paying that off on roughly $40k a year (before taxes).

So ask yourself why she went into STEM. If your answer was "she was looking for a STEM husband" then ding! ding! ding! you won yourself a gold star.

She failed.

The really humorous kicker though: she's Malaysian. That's right, YAWALT, even from foreign girls. (Who often have a highly entitled attitude. At least, the ones who make it to New Zealand. Perhaps that's to be expected - they probably got sent here by their parents, rather than getting here through their own blood-sweat-tears.) So she's come over to NZ, to try and snare a deluded NZ man.

This woman has actually managed to prove that you can turn even a STEM career into a Worthless™ degree. She shows that even Asian girls who do STEM degrees can screw their lives thoroughly and end up on the "worthless piece of shit" scale.

Go figure.


  1. Pseudonymous Street Hustler4 April 2017 at 08:14

    That's almost impressive in a sad sort of way ...

    Usually chicks who try to grab the STEM guy at university wind up having to divert to some sort of management-related degree if they want to play the upwardly mobile social game.

    So we may also take it as read that she might not have anything to pay back at all, and that she graduated with a STEM degree because shifting to another degree programme was not in the best interests of Dear Old Daddy who paid the bills back in The Old Country.

    Eager to please Dear Old Daddy, but not so eager to please that guy she's been needing to latch on to?

    This takes daddy issues to a completely new level: Failed Credentialist Rent Seeker with Daddy Issues.

    So she was the only chick in a STEM work group and still couldn't bag a STEM Trophy Guy?



    1. Ugh, accidentally caught up in spam. My apologies - and yeah she is a major fail lol!