Tuesday 22 September 2015

Why Marriage Is Fraud

No-Ma'am is bringing it back again, with timely (and updated) reminders of why our modern Marriage 2.0 is a massive fraud:
Before the 1860’s, if a woman decided to leave her husband, she had to leave the children behind, which were a product of the marriage, because property rights dictated that he had “paid” for them, and thus they were his property, and not hers. He did not “own” her person, but in marriage he did “own” her reproductive ability and the products thereof.
The transferring of these “property rights” back to the woman, when in fact they were the basis of the economic contract of marriage, diminished the validity of marriage enormously. It is interesting to note that the divorce rate has risen steadily from this point onward.
Keep in mind, women have always had the ability and natural right to have their own children. No-one ever stopped a woman from shagging some knave in the bushes after he had been swilling mead in a medieval tavern. It may have been frowned upon by society, but illegitimate children have been born since the beginning of civilization. It was a social stigma that women should not do this because it was widely known that the woman would be bringing a child into the world under an enormous disadvantage if she and the child were not coupled to the labour (and discipline) of a father. But, she owned her sexuality and if she wanted to have children with it, she most certainly could.
But, the contract of marriage is, in every sense, the contract of a woman selling children to a man. The right of a man to “own” what he paid for was dealt a mortal blow in the 1860’s when he lost the previously unchallenged right to “own” what he had paid for in marriage, that being his children.
Now, all through up until the 1970’s, marriage was still viewed as a legal contract. It was a given that both parties had an obligation to uphold such a contract just as within any other economic or legal contract.
If you wanted to leave you still could. No-one was stopping you. But, as with any contract, if you breached your contract you would be the one that was penalized for it.
If you wanted to leave and receive the benefits from the marriage, or rather, be compensated for the breach of contract of the other party, you had to prove they were at fault in order to sue for compensation. This makes sense, doesn’t it?
Therefore, there were many things which constituted “fault.” Adultery, alcoholism, mental insanity, cruelty, physical abusiveness amongst a host of others all constituted “fault.” If you were at fault, you could expect to lose your rights as set forth in the contract. But even so, if there was no fault and you still wanted to leave, no-one was stopping you. You were not put in jail for leaving, but you were found to be at fault for “abandonment,” and therefore lost all of your rights as set forward in the contract – and you would be liable for any “damages” caused by your “fault.”
That seems fair to me. All contracts are set forth in this manner. That is why they are contracts. A contract says that if you behave in such and such manner and don’t deviate out of that behaviour, you will be compensated with a guarantee of this and this behaviour from the other party. Step out of these guidelines and you will be legally liable, stay within them and your rights will be guaranteed.
But, in the 1970’s, the ever wise feminists declared that it was far too difficult to find fault in people’s complex personal relationships, and therefore “No Fault Divorce” was implemented, again with the aid of the heavy hand of the courts. (Odd, isn’t it? They have no troubles at all finding “fault” in cases of domestic violence.)
So what have we got left here?
What was originally based on a woman “selling” a man the ability to have his own children and taking his surplus labour as “payment,” has become a woman having children of HER own and still taking a man’s surplus labour as “payment” for that which she is NOT selling. THAT IS FRAUD!
If you go to a car dealership and buy a shiny new car, you might sign on the dotted line and agree to make payments for the next five years, but it is implied in the contract that you own the car.
The dealership cannot decide 6 months later that they want the car back, show up at your house, and just take it. And certainly they cannot force you to make the next 54 payments on it if they take it away from you with no breach of contract on your part. It is your property and they have no right to it. To suggest otherwise would be to suggest you signed a fraudulent contract. To suggest that you would still have to pay for gas, maintenance, and insurance after they sell it to someone else because “it is in the best interests of the car” is to suggest an insanely fraudulent contract.
But this is what we are left with in the marriage contract.
The man gets none of the property or rights which the contract was originally based upon, but the “vendor” still has the right to make you into this:
“Hyahhh! Move it, you strong ox!” bellows the ex-wife. “You are divorced now with no legal rights to what you thought you paid for, so start pulling this plow! No more lazing around for you, slave! MY children and I own your labour! You own nothing!”
Nope, let the little ladies and their childrengo back to living like this:
Have nothing to do with them.
Do not oppress them with marriage.
Do not oppress them by allowing them to live in your nice home.
Do not have sex with them. All sex is rape, dontcha know?
Do not donate sperm. That now makes you liable to be a slave too.
Again, make sure you do not oppress one single one of them with marriage. Do you hate women or something? Why would you want to oppress one of them with marriage, you misogynist! Put down that Bride magazine, mister. We know what you are thinking... now move on and think more wholesome thoughts.
Do not burden a single one of them with a child. Women can’t stand kids and would like to have nothing to do with them.
And, most certainly, DO NOT pay anyone for a product they have no intention of actually “selling” to you.
Do not feel you are obligated to work like a fool to pay taxes which support “the herd” of single and divorced mothers along with their feral children. You are not responsible to pay for someone else's property.
You don’t owe the herd anything. They don’t even want you to be part of the herd.
You are not responsible to be an economic performer who props up herd living with your labour while receiving nothing in return except a pat on the head along with a “good boy.” There are plenty of manginas who will prop up the herd until it can’t be propped up anymore. Let them work like dolts in an unsustainable system for someone else’s benefit then.
Give them as few tax dollars as possible.
Men should go back to only expending 20-30% of their labour ability, so they can return to living like this:
Why in the hell would you want to oppress one of those tricksters with Patriarchy?
Why even bother with a cow that doesn't give milk? Let alone pay for one.
It lowers divorce rates and cuts back on fraud.
Enjoy your freedom, my brothers.


  1. BPS, have you read the book that is being finger-tapped in the animated gif above? If so, any impressions?

    1. It doesn't exist. It is a fictional book from an old black-and-white movie Arsenic and Old Lace (filmed 1942, released 1944). The male lead (Cary Grant) was the supposed bachelor author of that book and similar other books - and was ironically getting married to a minister's daughter.

    2. So reality has become stranger than fiction....

      Thanks. I would never figure that out on my own. Not a fan of Hollywood movies.

  2. Is marriage actually still even considered a legal contract anymore? You are right: It has almost nothing in common anymore with what we understand as a legal contract. The real divergence is the termination clause. It can be terminated "at will" by either party. That in itself is not so unusual. What is unusual is that one party (the woman) can terminate at-will with no obligations, and the other party (the man) is still obligated by the contract. If any other contract was so formulated it would be tossed out by a judge in about two minutes as void and unenforceable. Why? Because there is no consideration due the man in exchange for his the performance of the contact.

    1. This is why we put these things up. It's our form of Public Service Announcement, our way to raise awareness.