Thursday 10 September 2015

PostSecret Poison #4

From the festering interwebs of the anonymous hamster:
With a face like that, gay fanfic is as close to sex as she can get.
Fake indeed - whining at reality.
Chick rationalisation hamster working for a female thief?
Or reason to disappear into the sunset.
A rare moment of chick honesty.
Yes indeed.
Fashion always looks fuckin' weird to me.
Try hitting up the assistant - thief.
Even black men can't stand the entitled black hoes.
Fuckin' oath!
Or was it you sleeping with him and flaunting it?
A lot do. You're better off saving the cash and sorting your issues by yourself.
Typical creepy chick move.
Damfool. Take note men.
Creepy ass-kisser and secret pedestal holder.
Or the tuition for your Worthless™ Degree.

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