Wednesday 30 September 2015

First World Twats

This is an oldie from a while back. Some SJW twat having a period about people who paint and hide eggs for the kiddies to find at Easter (generally an American thing):
Make sure to boil those babies alive first. Ignore the screams - that's just escaping air.
So let's look at what's going to come next, in this edition of the "life is stranger than fiction" department:

• trees will have the right to not be cut down
• grass will have the right to not be stepped on
• water will have the right to not be drunk
• air will have the right to not be breathed

The sooner these pussy-cunt first-world SJW morons are punched in the face, the better. They make my fists ache.


  1. Absolutely right, man. If more of these people got punched in the face, they might think twice about saying the stupid shit they say. But knowing how retarded they are, you might have to punch 'em more than once.

  2. Has that idiot 'birdsrightsactivist' noticed that Easter eggs are unfertilized, like all other hen eggs for sale? Is that by any stretch an equivalent to a 'babby'? Trolls gonna troll.

    1. Meh, I prefer to read from some enthusiasts about the nature of surrounding reality than to fume about obvious idiots without a clue (which make me feel more stupid just for reading their tweets). An example I am reading now:
      Interesting, mostly logical and (hopefully) well documented.

    2. BTW, how does sit with you that your homeland wasn't anthropomorphised , but instead 'furrified' here?
      If it makes you feel better, Poland is shown there as a cartoon criminal that steals cars. :) Somehow I can't muster indignation over the issue.

    3. - look how apple orchards are full of Frankenstein's monsters. That indignity to trees can't go unpunished, Gaia forbid! /sarc

    4. Kill or be killed.

      Kinda amusing - especially given that I'm part Welsh.

      Never mind gene-splicing, they're root-splicing! In fact, we've been doing longer-slow-term genetic modification of plants ever since we started "domesticating" them. To the point that banana's are sterile and cannot propagate without human help, and bananas and tobacco and wheat are polyploid - they have three or more copies of each chromosome rather than two.

    5. Corn is also unable to propagate by itself, because seeds can't break off from corncobs. Polyploidy, however, is a natural process affecting wild species as well.

      There is a good reason to be wary of 'refugees', if too numerous and unruly.

    6. Should read 'polyploidization'.