Tuesday, 29 September 2015

PostSecret Poison #7

This week's theme: "life is stranger than the weirdest fiction". Let's begin.
Though if men weren't constrained by society there'd be fucking in the streets.
MGTOW. You are only "broken" in the eyes of the herd, who have their own comeuppance coming down the line.
As Uncle Bob has said: "Women want license."
Wild guess, you broke up with your hubby and your man in the wings suddenly didn't want you no more?
There are better-looking girls to have lesbian fantasies about.

Hairpiece, schmairpiece.
Suspicious mind some girls have. Yeah I'm picking it's a girl. Men aren't generally this nasty-pathetic-aggressive.
I can't quite tell if this is someone pining for a life they failed to aim for. Or a secret Internet fatty.
Trust me. It's always the boobs. Even in women's minds.
Typical. Creepy. Fetishist.
Single mommy's child.
You're very forgettable.
This is news?
Because as a society we are all that screwed up socially and emotionally.
A good dose of "get over it" is needed here. Or you could, you know, divorce your bitch and shack up with her sister. Or just have her sister as a bit on the side. I mean, there's lots of options.
Never mind Math being teh hard, even Law is too hard. And not teh glamorous.
Fucktoy pining for the unattainable. Thought-experiment: Would she be so crushed if he was a pretty-boy who was secretly gay - and fantasising about fucking another man?

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  1. "This is news?" For me isn't. For many it would be, if they would think about it without the need to believe in leaving some part of themselves still existing after dying. Would you believe that some people tried to exorcise a 'demonic presence' supposedly haunting a mentally unstable troll at the blog Vox Popoli? If they believe in demons dominating the minds of people, then why not in ghosts as well?